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Incomplete Pasta Protein?

The protein in pasta was considered incomplete because it was thought to lack one or two of the essential amino acids, more specifically lysine. Some people used to believe that if all essential amino acids were not present within the amino acid blood pool, a protein couldn’t be used for growth or maintenance of tissues. This theory has now been disproved.

The protein in pasta is low to medium depending on what type of flour. Most pasta is made from durum wheat, this contains both protein and gluten. Once digested the protein in pasta may be burned as fuel after being converted into sugar. This is especially so if one is following a low energy intake. The protein will not be converted into fat, but if more protein is used for energy, then there is less fat available for burning from the excess storage! Meaning the fat is not being melted away as quickly as possible!

If a diet is low in calorie, the cells will tap into the protein for energy usage, so there will be less available for maintenance of lean tissue.


Learn more on combining plant proteins so more protein in pasta is used for growth.

The table below lists the protein content from different forms of pasta along with its carbohydrate content. The values shown are for 200 grams ( 7oz), which is roughly an average serving or a good plateful.

Note: The protein content of pasta is much higher when raw this is simply because it has not been cooked and contains no water. The weight of pasta will double after cooking, for example if 100 grams of dry pasta is cooked it will end up weighing over 200 grams but the protein content of the pasta would be the same.

Use the raw value if you weigh out the pasta before cooking as weighing soggy cooked pasta is not practical, use the boiled value if you order from a restaurant.


Pasta Protein table:


Pasta Type (100grams dry 200 cooked) Protein Carbs
Pasta shapes raw 24g 146g
Pasta shapes boiled 7g 46g
Macaroni raw 24g 150g
Macaroni boiled 6g 37g
Noodles raw 24g 142g
Noodles egg boiled 4.5g 26g
Spaghetti raw 24g 148g
Spaghetti boiled 7g 44g
Wholemeal raw 26g 132g
Wholemeal boiled 9g 46g

   Values for pasta protein may vary between brands, use only as a guide!

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