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Protein in Peas can be improved

The protein in peas is of lesser quality than protein in eggs, meat and fish. However, if pea proteins are combined with various other plant foods, it produces a complete protein source. As an example, think of rice and peas. The two foods go well together because pea proteins lacks certain amino acids necessary for growth. The lacking amino acids are found in ample quantities in the rice, making the meal a complete protein source.

It was once believed that if all essential amino acids are not present in the amino acid pool at the same time, the protein in peas couldn’t be used for growth or maintenance of the metabolism. If there are less concentrations of certain amino acids, it was thought the protein couldn’t be used immediately for growth of lean tissue. This is now thought to be wrong, however if a diet is low in calories, the cells will tap into the protein for energy usage, so there will be less available for maintenance of lean tissue. In this case, the protein in peas may instead be burned as fuel, by converting it into sugar.


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The table below lists the amount of protein in peas per 100 grams (3.5oz) cooked in unsalted water.

Pea Protein Table:

Beans / Peas (100grams) Protein Fat
Aduki Beans 9g 0.3g
Black gram 8g 0.5g
Mange-tout Peas 3g 0.2g
Mung Beans 7.4g 0.5g
Baked Beans canned 5g 0.5g
Beansprouts 3g 0.5g
Mushy Peas (canned) 6g 1g
Processed Peas (canned) 7g 1g
Red Kidney Beans 8g 0.5g
Blackeye Beans 8.5g 0.9g
Broad Beans 8g 0.7g
Butter Beans 6g 0.5g
Chick Peas 8g 2g
Green Beans 1.5g 0.2g
Runner Beans 1.4g 0.5g
Soya Beans 14g 7g
24g 17g

 Values for pea protein may vary between different portions and should only be used as a guide!



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