I Can’t Lose Weight – Why?

OK – so you’ve tried diets and exercise but you don’t seem to be losing any weight. What’s going wrong? Why can’t you lose weight? All diet and exercise take time – at least four or five weeks of devout dedication before you see any visible results. But, here are some reasons as to why nothing seems to work.

  1. Drinking too much alcohol or pop (soda).
    Alcoholic drinks contribute to fat gain because of the calorie content of alcohol. Alco-pops are even worse, they supply calories through the alcohol and tons of extra energy through the added sugars. Even normal pop or soda should be cut out or at least severely restricted because of the effects on blood sugar levels. You should be drinking more bottled water instead of soda if you want to keep losing fat weight.

  2. Too little exercise or less effective routines.
    To lose weight, you should strive to be active for the most part of your waking hours, or exercising for 20-30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Many people get fed up with going to the gym and doing the same old routine. Our body adapts very well to exercise and repeating something your body can complete easily won’t cause any physical changes. A great way to boost results is to re-challenge the body by trying different kinds of activities; swimming, ice skating, dancing salsa or even rock climbing.

  3. A reduced metabolism
    Low calorie diets tend to work well during the first few weeks then they become ineffective for losing further weight. The reason is they cause the metabolism to slow down, thus your body adapts to the limited calorie intake. If you respond by lowering your calorie intake further you’ll probably end up losing even more muscle and hitting a weight loss plateau again. This cycle may continue until your resolve finally breaks and you go back to your previous eating habits. The secret is to lower intake slightly while providing good nutrition with plenty of protein to limit muscle loss.

  4. Skipping meal too often
    It sounds simple, if we eat less we should lose weight. For this reason many people skip meals but the body responds by going into starvation mode, the muscles break down in order to maintain the amino acid pool, the result is a lowered metabolism which the opposite to what you should be aiming. Try to eat healthy, small meals or snacks 5 – 6 times a day, starting with a good breakfast that contains good quality protein. Learn to stabilize blood sugar levels through the G.I. way of eating.

  5. Eating too much sugar and salt
    Excess sugar and salt are often combined together in many processed foods. Eating too much sugar in one meal causes increased blood sugar levels; the body must respond and lower it back to normal. The result is most of the excess sugar is eventually stored as body fat.
    Salt causes the body to hold water so too much salt makes some people believe they’re getting fatter. It’s possible to be carrying an extra 5 pounds of weight just through consuming too much salt in the diet. Remember to cut down on processed, convenient foods.

  6. Not drinking enough water
    During an average day many ordinary people become slightly dehydrated because they lose more fluid than they drink; they often don’t realize it because the thirst centre is not very accurate. If you don’t drink much water and seem to be frequently hungry your body may be craving the water rather than food. Water also helps boost energy levels so you can workout more effectively to burn extra calories and lose weight. You should be drinking 8 large glasses of water every day.

  7. Incorrect portion sizes
    When dieting to lose weight the old philosophy still rings true “eat less to lose weight”. Although you shouldn’t skip meals, as discussed in point 4, the answer may be to eat little and often. Eating more meals or snacks must means small sized portions!

  8. Unrealistic Goals
    Setting goals that are too difficult to achieve or goals that are totally unrealistic is a common reason for failure to lose weight. Aim for small, easily obtainable goals to help build some momentum for success. Losing the recommended 2 pounds each week may sound too slow but at least you should be able to achieve this target without difficulty, then you’ll feel like a winner, and you’ll be one step closer to your main goal too!
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