Why its important to lose weight slowly


Reduce weight slowly

All fitness and health experts agree that we should focus on losing weight slowly over the course of months. Yet with everyone wanting weight loss within weeks it’s obvious that the average dieter will be looking for a short cut. The question is why do experts recommend we reduce weight slowly?


The simple fact is effective weight loss means a reduction in body fat stores and unfortunately burning large amounts of fat is a slow process. Yes, it is true that weight can be lost very quickly but who wants to lose a large amount of water only for it to be replaced when the diet ceases? This way you would only end up exactly where you started – Overweight!

The reason why the weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars every year is because companies will offer ways to fast weight loss knowing the body can easily reduce water weight quickly. Although, to be fair many of these companies have provided exactly what the customer wanted – weight loss, they often don’t mention fat loss!

The trouble is people get so hooked on losing WEIGHT. They jump on the scales and see 2 stones overweight so that’s what they need to lose – WEIGHT!

This is the real reason health experts keep drumming it into us to reduce the weight slowly, they understand that in reality any fat loss is the correct step to effective weight control as well as a healthier heart.

The bottom line, Don’t confuse WEIGHT loss with FAT loss!


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