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Dairy Dieting Heaven


Research has found that eating some dairy in your diet can help you to absorb fewer calories, but why? It all comes down to the high levels of Calcium in dairy. The Calcium binds to fats during digestion which creates a soap-like substance that our bodies find hard to absorb. This means some of the calories are excreted.

Maybe this is why the English tradition of eating cheese and biscuits after a big meal is actually not as bad as first thought!

One thing the research didn’t mention is that the Calcium can only bind to fats present in the same meal. So, for this reason, dairy should only be consumed with a main meal that contains some fat, eating dairy products alone will not decrease excess fat stores on the body – you will still need to increase activity levels to lose those!


If your doctor agrees, try to include a little low-fat dairy as part of your daily diet, doing this alone may help you to lose up to 6 pounds a year! – Just be sure you don’t consume more calories than your body requires.



Losing Weight through Soup-a-day!

A recent study has shown that a meal blended into a soup will help keep hunger at bay longer than eating the same meal normally presented on a plate. The reason is that a meal blended with some water prolongs gastric emptying. In other words, it takes longer to empty the stomach thus, the stomach wall is stretched for longer periods. A stretched wall causes the stomach to send messages to the brain to stop eating, because it is full. However, simply drinking water along with a normal meal won’t have the same effect because the water will simply pass straight through and be absorbed.

Drink more freshly made soups during the day. Here are some low-calorie soup recipes



Protein Power

High protein meals have been found to be the most satiating when compared to meals that are high in fat or carbohydrates. High quality protein has been proven to be most effective at filling us up and reducing the appetite between meals.

If you’re allowed, try to eat a lean protein meal for breakfast or for an evening meal to keep you feeling fuller for longer. If you find a protein breakfast to be too much in the morning, then why not substitute it for a low G.I. foods such a porridge oats as this will have a similar effect!


Portion Tricks

Scientists have shown that we can be tricked into eating more than we need to because of portion size. Often portions at restaurants and in pre-packaged foods are much larger than we really need to eat. This also tends to impact our portions at home. Use a smaller plate for meals. Less room on your plate means less room for food!

Remember, the larger the portion, the more we will usually eat. Make sure you decrease portion size as often as you can!




Don’t Forget Your Diary

Studies have shown that keeping a food diary is the best way to avoid over-eating. We can easily lose track of our food intake without one!



Variety is NOT always the Spice of Life!

Some research has proven that having a variety of foods available increases calorie intake. People can consume up to 60 percent more when eating at a buffet or barbeque. Maybe this is more of an instinct for survival reasons rather than people just being plain greedy. For example, having a variety of different foods will mean a larger range of nutrients available, and it could be possible that subconsciously we are making sure we’re getting as much nutrition as possible.

Try to keep things simple and eat only 2 to 3 foods at each meal.


Too Little Too Late!

Eating little and often is usually good dietary advice for people trying to lose weight. The only trouble with having frequent low fat snacks is that you are supplying the body with a steady supply of sugar, the body's preferred energy source. Having a steady supply of sugar means the body may be burning less from the fat stores, this could be especially true if the individual has a low activity level, because the number of calories burned is not sufficient to over ride the number of calories supplied from the frequent sugar intake. This could hamper results for losing weight. This is a classic case where some generally good advice may not be much use to others with a different lifestyle or situation. I believe some people really need to let themselves go a bit hungry for a little longer than usual to try and force the body to use up excess fat stores more readily. This does not mean starving oneself, as is the case for most things in life, going too far with anything is never much of a good thing. I mean if you don't manage to get much activity then maybe let that hunger continue for a little bit longer.

Don't always believe you must eat immediately once you experience hunger, unless you have a specific condition and you must eat at regular intervals. If you’re okay to do so, try to get used to the feeling of hunger and gradually extend the time between meals, but don’t go too long before eating again. As it is impossible for us to know your exact dietary needs, it is crucial that you obtain approval from your doctor before changing the way you eat!!




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