Rope Skipping Forms Your Whole Body

If you're looking for a way to burn a lot of calories, jumping is one of the best types of exercise you can do. Not only does it recruit your leg muscles (which use a lot of energy), but they force your heart and lungs to work overtime. You'll find that just one minute of jumping is far more tiring than running or cycling for two or three times as long.

That's what makes rope skipping, also known as jumping rope, one of the best types of cardiovascular exercise you can do. You'll find that it will recruit your muscles (particularly your calves) and push your body to the limits of its endurance. The more you jump, the more your body will be able to handle.

Now, be warned: rope is more anaerobic than aerobic. This means that it burns glucose instead of fat, as there isn't enough oxygen to activate stored fats. If you're interested in burning fat directly, jumping rope isn't your ideal training protocol. It burns through energy at an amazing rate, but it will be glucose (blood sugar).

However, what makes rope skipping so great is the fact that it is a killer cardio workout. The anaerobic exercise forces your heart and lungs to work extra hard, and you'll burn a lot more calories jumping rope than you would jogging or cycling at a slow pace. It's a metabolism-boosting exercise that will increase your cardiovascular fitness very effectively. Even if there's no direct fat-burning, it will make your body a more efficient energy-burning (and thereby fat-burning) machine.

Benefits of Rope Skipping:

Drawbacks of Rope Skipping:



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