Getting most from fitness programs by setting main goals



Setting the right Fitness Goals for you

When many people decide to lose weight or get into shape, they make the mistake of setting lofty goals, like losing a large lump sum of weight, that are impractical. Setting one big fitness goal without having a plan makes it easy to get discouraged by setbacks, and makes staying motivated difficult. Frustration can set in if results are not seen quickly enough, and the one big goal becomes insurmountable. Many people then give up.

When you begin a fitness program, decide what you want your ultimate goal to be. Is it:

  • Weight loss?

  • Increased strength?

  • Increased flexibility?

  • Increased cardiovascular endurance?

  • Any or all of the above?


When you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, you will then be able to set smaller, short term fitness goals that are tailored to your fitness needs. These smaller goals will likely be more reachable and more realistic.

Setting realistic fitness goals will be setting you up to succeed. If you put unrealistic time or weight constraints on yourself, however, you are setting yourself up to fail, and you will not likely stay motivated. While it is important to have one big end result in mind, focus on the smaller goals, treating them as part of a journey to your overall wellness and betterment. As you reach each goal, look to a new and more challenging one.

Setting smaller, reachable goals, and attaining them, will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Your motivation will be great, and you will be more likely to stick to your program for longer.

It is important not to overdo it when it comes to a new fitness regime. You should consult a physician before beginning a new exercise program, especially if you are new to exercise or are prone to injury.

As excited as you might be to get started, don’t try to exercise every day at first, or do things that your body isn’t prepared for just yet. This will lead to fatigue, discouragement, pain, and possibly injury. Reaching good physical fitness and losing weight take time, so be patient, and you will see results!

When setting fitness goals, know your current limitations, and set short-term goals accordingly. Always challenge yourself, but never to the point of injury or frustration. This will cause you to give up on your goal of physical wellness!










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