Smart Food Swaps to Promote Weight Loss

Diet plays a HUGE role in your weight loss. You can easily avoid eating 300 calories, but it takes 15 to 30 minutes to burn that same number of calories in the gym. Basically, how you eat will determine the success or failure of your weight loss efforts! Here are some smart food swaps to help you lose weight:

Deep-Fried Food

Instead of deep-frying your food, it’s time to change your cooking habits to pan-frying everything. Using far less oil is the key to not only reducing the number of calories in your food, but also to reduce the amount of saturated and trans fats that you eat. Pan-frying won’t eliminate the delicious flavor, but will cut calories drastically compared to deep-frying!


Sugar may be a delicious addition to your oatmeal, rice puddings, and other breakfast foods, but it will cause you to gain weight rather than lose it. Instead of adding sugar, why not drop in a few cinnamon sticks? Cinnamon is a weight loss booster, and it will help to control your blood glucose levels. Eating more cinnamon is a key to cutting back on calories, and you can drastically reduce the amount of sweetener you need to add to your meals.

Fruit Juice

Instead of drinking juice from a carton, why not go straight to the source and have a piece of fruit? Fruit juice contains all of the sugar and delicious flavor from the fruit, but with NONE of the fiber and very few of the original nutrients and enzymes. Eating a piece of fruit, on the other hand, will not only nourish your body, but will fill you up and stop you from eating.


Who doesn’t love potato or tortilla chips with a movie? They’re one of the best movie snacks around, and you’ll find that they make your evening so much more enjoyable. Sadly, they’re also one of the least healthy foods on the planet, so it’s in your best interest to switch them out for popcorn. Air-popped popcorn contains just 100 calories per cup, so you can eat nearly as much as you want without overdoing it.

Ice Cream

There’s nothing like a nice bowl of ice cream at a birthday party or as a post-dinner dessert. However, just because it tastes good, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Ice cream is SUPER rich in sugar, saturated fats, and artificial ingredients, and will do NOTHING for your health. Yoghurt parfait, on the other hand, is made with fruits, cereals, and yoghurt, all of which are VERY healthy for you!

Sugar Cereal

Any cereal that is misspelled (froot, krisps, etc.) is going to be high in sugar and low in nutrients. Even cornflakes and other “healthy” cereals aren’t as healthy as you might expect. Instead of eating these cereals, it’s better to start your day with a big bowl of oatmeal. Oats are high in fiber, rich in protein, and loaded with slow-acting carbs that will give you a steady burn of energy for hours to come. Plus, they won’t affect your blood sugar like cereal does!

White Rice

There’s nothing quite as good as white rice with meals like curry, stir fry, or risotto. However, white rice isn’t the healthiest option around, especially not when compared to brown rice. Brown rice contains way more fiber and healthy nutrients than white rice, so it’s better to opt for the darker rice any time you have the choice.


When you are presented with a cut of meat, chances are good that the elegant, expensive cuts contain a lot more fat than the cheaper, leaner cuts. The leaner cuts may not be as good, but they’re certainly much healthier!

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