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How It Works

Sonoma Diet offers premium diet informational services for a subscription rate of $4 per week. Subscribers gain access to numerous weight loss tools including eating guides, day-by-day support, and over 500 Mediterranean diet recipes to help you stay on track towards your weight loss goals.

The Sonoma Diet is as much a lifestyle as it is a way of eating. Their philosophy is that weight loss isn’t achieved by avoiding foods but by enjoying foods. Flavorful ingredients rooted in the spirit of California wine country inspire the cuisine promoted in this dieting program.

Pricing and Options

Unlocking access to Sonoma Diet’s weight loss tools costs subscribers $4 per week. Subscribers are billed $52 quarterly. Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the start of each quarter. Members may cancel at any time.

What People Are Saying

The services at Sonoma Diet are generally well regarded. At a cost of just $4 per week, it’s tough to encounter reports of discontent from subscribers.

The Sonoma Diet is completed in three “waves”. The first wave of 10 days is a jump-start period with high dietary restrictions. Wave two is the main part of the diet where a majority of weight loss occurs. Wave three is the maintenance phase of the diet where the emphasis remains on keeping the weight off. Many users report success with this diet and refer to it as “the diet that doesn’t feel like a diet”.

One common negative critique of Sonoma Diet food costs can go up trying to follow their recipes which emphasize eating tomatoes, avocados, almonds, beans, broccoli, olive oil, strawberries and other ingredients commonly found in foods around the California valley.

The Fine Print

If you terminate your membership after your membership period has begun, you will only be entitled to a refund for the unexpired portion of that membership period. Subscriptions automatically renew and are billed at the beginning of each quarter.


At just $4 per week, following the Sonoma Diet can be a great method for weight loss for those fond of healthy ingredients common to the cuisine in California’s wine country.

Visit Sonoma Diet today to get the tools you need for weight loss success!

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