Steps to Overcome Obesity

Obesity is a leading cause of disease and early death, and it may seem impossible to overcome obesity. You may have experienced little success trying to diet and exercise. Don’t give up. The first step you need to take to overcome obesity is simple. If you master the first step, the remaining steps will be easy. Before you know it you’ll be back on the road to good health.

Learn to Love Yourself. The first step to overcome obesity is to focus on loving yourself. If you really love yourself you will take care of your body. You will make sure that your provide your body with healthy, nutritious foods and you will automatically begin to avoid unhealthy, toxic foods. Why would you give harmful foods to someone you love? Loving yourself means understanding that you deserve to eat quality food that is good for your body. You may have to pay a little more for fresh vegetables and fruits and quality lean meats, but you know that you are worth it. You don’t mind providing the best foods for yourself. Loving yourself means giving your body the physical activity it needs to function properly. Your joints need to move and bend, your muscles need to stretch. You need to exercise and practice deep breathing for the benefit of this body that you love. Look in the mirror each morning upon waking and every night before bed. Hug yourself and say that you love yourself. Read self help books that help build self-esteem and confidence while showing you what it means to love yourself. Do this daily until you really feel and understand self-love in your heart and mind. You will notice that the way you treat yourself will begin to improve and you will begin to develop healthier habits.

Don’t Follow a Weight Loss Diet. Going on a weight loss diet is not the way to overcome obesity because dieting sends the message of deprivation. Don’t think in terms of depriving yourself of anything. Instead think in terms of rewarding yourself. You are rewarding yourself with healthy and nutritious foods because you love yourself. You don’t need to follow a diet plan. You need a life long habit of eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other high quality foods. You need to love yourself enough to say no to junk food filled with harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Replace Soda With Water or Green Tea. Soda is directly linked to the obesity epidemic and it is one of the worst beverages for your health. Diet soda may be sugar-free, but it’s not much better. The caramel coloring causes cancer and the artificial sweeteners are associated with additional health problems including joint pain. Loving yourself enough to overcome obesity means you need to give up the unhealthy habit of drinking soda. Provide your body with pure water or green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, which will ward off illnesses and support your weight loss efforts.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle. You don’t need to join a gym to overcome obesity. You also don’t need a regular exercise routine. What you need is an active lifestyle that you enjoy which incorporates physical movement on a daily basis. Again, this goes back to loving yourself, being good to yourself. You are rewarding yourself by taking the time to go for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine, or attending a zumba class each week where you can make friends with others who also love themselves enough to care for their bodies. Cleaning your home, washing your car, and working in your yard are good for the body. These activities burn calories to help you lose weight, and they also relieve stress from your body. So learn to be physically active and enjoy doing things.

Weight Yourself Daily. In the process of overcoming obesity, weighing yourself each day will help keep you focused on your goal to lose weight and become healthier. You motivation to continue with a healthy lifestyle will increase as you notice a steady decrease in your body weight. Keep a small journal to record your weight at least once every few days. And to document your eating habits and your physical activities. Seeing things in writing often gives us a better perspective.

Don’t Broadcast Your Weight Loss Plan. Keep your goal to overcome obesity to yourself. You don’t need to discuss it with anyone. If you are offered unhealthy treats by coworkers or family members just say no thank you. If you say you’re trying to lose weight some people will actually make it a habit to temp you with fattening foods saying a little won’t hurt you. Or they’ll remind you that diets don’t work. You don’t need any negative influences so keep your personal goal to yourself. As they say, “No one can put up a road block unless they know your travel plans.”

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