Strange Weight Loss Tricks that Really Work

There are lots of strange weight loss tricks out there, things that people swear by that never really work out for you. Below we’ve got a few odd weight loss tricks that have been proven to be effective, and you should try them in order to make your weight loss just that much easier…

Take Vitamins

Did you know that vitamins can help you to lose weight? Studies have proven that taking a multivitamin provides your body with the nutrients it needs to burn fat and calories, making it just that little bit easier to shed that last pound or three.

Turn Off the Lights

Did you know that sleeping in total darkness helps you to lose weight? The more deeply you sleep at night, the more rested and refreshed you feel the next morning, and the less likely you will be to experience hunger pangs caused by sleepiness. Get rid of anything that shines a light in your room and interrupts your sleep.

Get Tips in Your Inbox

Signing up for health food and nutrition email blasts can be a good way to improve your health, as it will ensure that you learn a little bit every day. Read through these emails to learn tricks and tips that will help you eat healthy and stick with your diet.

Shrink Your Plates

Using smaller bowls and plates will help you to eat less–it’s a proven fact! The smaller your dinnerware, the larger your portions look, but without actually being large. You’ll eat fewer calories by shrinking the size of your utensils, cups, bowls, and plates.

Turn Off the TV

Did you know that watching less TV will help you to burn more fat? Of course you did, but we all need a reminder now and again! Make it a point to cut your TV-watching time to no more than an hour per day, and use that time to do something active. And no, that doesn’t mean video games!

Sit at the Ends of the Table

Want to make weight loss a little easier? Sit at the far end of the dining table, well away from the chips, bread, and other goodies–most of which end up near the center of the table. If these foods are out of easy reach, you’re far less likely to snack on them.

Snack Whole

If you feel the need to munch on something, have a snack comprised of whole, unprocessed foods. The more natural the food, the longer it takes your body to break it down. Whole foods fill you up for longer, helping to dull your hunger pangs and reduce your risk of cheating on your diet!

Find Ways to Deal With Stress and Guilt

If you’re angry, stressed, or feeling blue, DO NOT turn to food for comfort. This is a bad habit that will stop your weight loss in its tracks, as you’ll end up overeating every time you feel down. If you do break your diet, don’t let the guilt get to you either! Just accept the mistake and move on.

Eat Spicy Foods

Anything with a kick contains capsaicin, a metabolism-boosting compound that will help your body to activate fat and burn it effectively. Not only will your metabolism get a boost from eating the spicy foods, but you’ll stop yourself from being hungry at the next meal.

Sleep in a Chilly Room

Did you know that sleeping in a cold room forces your body to turn up its internal thermostat? This burns energy, forcing your body to burn through calories and fat just to keep you warm. Turn off the heater during the winter, or let the AC do its work to keep your room cool in the summer!

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