Stretches for the Lower Body

Stretches are a good way to start a work out session as it prepares the body for movement, increasing flexibility and helps prevent injury. Always remain within the comfortable stretch zone even if you would like to increase your flexibility. It is safer to under stretch than to overstretch. If you feel any pain or discomfort at any stage of the stretch then stop the stretch immediately.

This page outlines lower body stretches (hips to ankles). To stretch your upper body click here. As with all the stretches, you should aim to hold a stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds before releasing. Remember to breathe.

diagram of stretching hips before walkingHip Flex Stretch
This is a very good stretch for the hip joints if you wish to perform squats in a workout:

If you have any problems with your knees or knee joints, do not attempt this stretch.

Diagram of stretching groin area warm upGroin Stretch
This is an easy stretch to do for warming up the groin area before any weight loss exercise. It is important to warm up this area as any injury to the groin can be painful:
Sit on the ground

diagram of alternate stretch hamstring before exercisingHamstring Stretch
This stretch targets the hamstring muscles which are located at the back of the thighs. It is important if you intend to run as exercise:

diagram Stretching thighs for walkingThigh (Quadriceps) Stretch
This stretch helps loosen up the knee joint and is often used to help people with knee problems:

diagram of stretch lower leg calf muscles walkingCalf Muscles Stretch
The basic calf stretch is ideal for loosening up the lower legs ready for a run or walk:

If you need more support, you can do one leg at a time by keeping one foot in front and the other stretched out behind, to keep you balanced.

diagram of stretching ankle for walking exerciseAnkle Joint Stretch
This is less of a stretch and more of a movement to help loosen up the ankle joint:

diagram of Stretching buttocks warm upButtock Stretch
This stretch loosens the buttocks, lower back muscles and hamstrings. Try to relax all leg and back muscles and this stretch will feel easier:

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  1. Gigi says:

    im twelve and my weight is 45 and i think im so fat can you give me some exercises to loss weight??

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