Excess Sugar Problems

Here's a quick list of health problems associated with eating too much sugar:

How to solve the sugar problem ?

There’s increasing awareness among people about health; the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and physical activities is known to us. This combination of wholesome food and regular exercising plays a major role in keeping most diseases and illnesses at bay. One of the most researched aspects about health is how consumption of sugar affects us.

Fructose is needed only in small quantities and fruits are a great source of this sugar. Honey not only supplies sugar but is also high on calories. Hence, you must use it very carefully. While there are sweeteners that are considered to be a boon for those suffering from diabetes, some people are still skeptical about them, especially aspartame, as their consumption could lead to other problems.

Switch to fruits and fresh juices instead of sodas and canned punches. Check for the sugar content when you’re picking food items off the shelf in your supermarket; corn syrup is high on fructose. You must try and get your nutrients from natural sources. For instance, Calcium must be obtained from milk instead of sweetened drinks that could have the mineral as an additive.

Strike to maintain a balance between the calories consumed and calories burnt. Make exercise a part of your daily routine to stay fit and healthy. While sugar is a great source of energy, you must use it only in limited quantities and sensibly to make the most of it.

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