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Health Improvement, Weight Loss and Happiness

Let’s face it, the majority of us could stand to eat a little healthier, move more, and reduce the feeling of laziness in our lives. With so much on our plates from careers and climbing corporate ladders to maintaining healthy … Continue reading

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Losing Weight Without Dieting

Now that the warm weather has arrived, a lot of people are becoming a little more concern about losing weight. After all, they’ll be hitting the beaches soon and all of them will want to sport that new bathing suit, … Continue reading

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The Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

The vegan diet for Healthy weight loss is something that takes effort. Many people have found success by going on a vegan diet until reaching their weight loss goals. Others have made vegan diets a permanent lifestyle change. The vegan … Continue reading

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Vegan Protein

“You’re vegan? Where do you get your vegan protein from?” I can’t count how many times people have asked me that question and every time I just inhale and ask them, “do you have time to listen?” There are so … Continue reading

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