The Best Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

Everyone wants to have big chest muscles, as those are the muscles that are most prominent when you wear a tight T-shirt. The chest muscles are the ones that give you pushing power, so having a strong chest will make it easier to do tasks like pushing your car. Here are the 5 best exercises to build your chest muscles:

Explosive Pushups

If you can do these correctly, they’ll be incredible at pushing the fast twitch muscle fibers in your chest to their limits. A regular push-up will be good for your chest muscles, but these will be excellent once you get the proper form.

Make sure to take a breath between each push-up, as that will help you to release the lactic acid that is building up in your muscles. Wear something to support your wrists at first, or be careful not to land incorrectly if you clap your hands together. Do this on a flat surface, and don’t push your body too hard.

Classic Barbell Bench Press

This is the king of chest exercises, and there are no other workouts that will get your chest muscles burning like this one. It is the standard exercise to build both size and strength, and it’s one that every bodybuilder learns right off the bat!

Avoid bending your back as you strain to push the weight up. Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder, you should never do this. Keep your body as flat as possible, and use only your chest and arms to push the weight up. Go slow, take a pause between each press, and focus on maintaining the proper form.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

The classic bench press will work out the chest muscle overall, but the incline bench press will work out the upper pectoral muscles. This will help to fill out the shape of your chest muscles, and it will give you that much larger chest that you want.

Once again, be very careful when you do this exercise. Avoid locking your arms at the height of your press, as that can cause damage to your arms. Use a two-count to lower the weight to your chest, and a two-count to bring it back up. Avoid letting the weight wobble (it will be hard at first), and avoid bringing the weight too close to your chest.

Machine Chest Press

If you have a weight machine handy, this is the best exercise that you can do on the machine. Free weights will be better for the muscles overall, but this exercise will focus more on the chest muscles you’re working out.

This will not be the ideal workout to do if you want massive strength gains, but it will help you to isolate the muscle group and take the strain off your wrists if you have wrist problems. It will reduce the risk of elbow, rotator cuff, and front deltoid injuries, though, so it’s worth using as a finishing exercise in your routine.

Cable Crossovers

With this exercise, you’ll get a lot more tension on your muscles than with moves like dumbbell flies. You’ll need a cable machine, but it’s a fairly easy movement to do even for beginners.

Keep your chest muscles tight and focus on keeping your arms steady as you do this move. Go slow to really focus on the muscles, and you’ll get a great workout for your chest!



  • For strength gain, do 4 to 6 reps per set.
  • For general fitness, do 12 to 15 reps per set.
  • For endurance and weight loss, do 20 to 25 reps per set.


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