The Dark Side of Weight Loss

Most of us have a pretty romanticized idea of what weight loss will be like. We picture ourselves in good shape, feeling better about our bodies, and happy with the results that we have obtained through our hard work. We can see ourselves smiling and enjoying life so much more, as well as being much more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

But weight loss does have its dark side as well…

Weight Loss Can Ruin Relationships

A study done by the North Carolina State University in Raleigh found an interesting fact about weight loss: it can ruin relationships.

The study looked at how weight loss affected couples – particularly when just one partner lost weight. It involved couples where at least one of the partners had lost 60 pounds or more over the course of two years, and asked them simple questions to see how it had affected their lives.

In many cases, the weight loss actually made the relationship stronger. The partner that had lost all of the weight provided support and help to the other, aiding them in their efforts to lose weight as well. They worked out together, spent more time engaging in fitness-related activities, and enjoyed their life a lot more all around.

However, in some cases, the person that had not lost the weight felt jealous of the partner that had lost weight. They felt that the person that had lost the weight became nagging, constantly reminding them to do exercise and lose weight. The partner that had lost the weight sometimes felt that their partner wasn’t trying hard enough to stay attractive for them, while others felt threatened by the fact that their partner had slimmed down.

How to Avoid This Problem

The simple key to avoiding an issue like this: work hard to get in shape together.

So many couples do exercise apart from each other, as they have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow for much flexibility or free hours to go to the gym. However, this could cause a small rift to form between the couples, especially if one partner is losing weight while the other just isn’t seeing the results that they want. It could be the start of the issues mentioned above, which could lead to long-term problems with the marriage. You want to avoid this at all costs, so why not make an effort to work out more together?

Many people spend their weekends relaxing, kicking back, and enjoying the delicious things in life. Unfortunately, the delicious things are often what stops you from losing weight properly, so it may be time to change up your weekend activities. Start doing activities that get you both off the couch, and get you outdoors together. Hit the gym for a hour a day, or go for a hike together. Take a dance class on the weekends, or sign up at a boxing gym – a great place to let your frustrations out on a punching bag rather than your partner.

Even if you can’t do exercise together during the week, make your weight loss a goal that you both work towards. You should both invest your time and effort into eating right, working out, and promoting healthy lifestyle choices that will make weight loss possible. It can’t be a one-sided thing where one partner drags the other around, but both have to be invested in the weight loss. You’ll be amazed by how much stronger your relationship can grow if you’re both working hard to lose weight, and you’ll come out of your weight loss efforts more in love than ever!


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