The Heart of Exercise: Zone Three

In this article, we’ll cover the third of the five targeted heart rate zones for Effective Exercise.

This is an aerobic exercise zone called the “Burner Zone”. The goal here is to reach between 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. So, if your maximum heart rate is 210, you’ll want to achieve 147 BPM for this zone, 168 BPM on the high end. You need to be comfortable with Zone Two before you attempt this zone.

This zone will improve your functional capacity by increasing both the size and extent of blood vessels in your body, increasing your lung capacity and respiratory rate, and also increasing your heart’s strength. This will help you metabolize both fats and carbs at a 50:50 ratio, which means quicker results for people who are already fit.

You can achieve this THR zone through running, swimming or playing a racket sport. A treadmill will work great or any other method where you’re actually running. With a heart rate this high, you’re no longer just burning fat calories. Although it is a great zone for overall weight loss, it is more about building up your body’s tolerance for exercise.

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