The Ideal Weight Loss Workout

Are you sick of working your butt off running, weight training, cycling, and doing every conceivable form of exercise, all without seeing the weight loss results you want? You struggle with your weight loss workout, but it’s just not helping you to lose weight properly.

Could it be that you’re doing it wrong?

Circuit Training for Weight Loss

If you want the best weight loss workout, you need to consider doing circuit training. What is circuit training?

To put it simply, circuit training involves doing a few circuits of the same exercises over and over. Your circuit will include:

1 Pushing exercise (think bench press, military press, etc.)

1 Pulling exercise (think bicep curls, cable pulldowns, etc.)

1 Leg exercise (think squats, lunges, etc.)

Why does this work to lose weight?


  • You can keep working out without getting tired. When you work the same muscle or muscle group over and over, you have to give them a rest between each set. That ensures that your muscles are being replenished with energy, so you can push hard with each exercise. However, that muscle or muscle group is going to get tired by the end of the workout, and you may run out of energy sooner rather than later.



  • You can keep your heart rate up. Keeping your heart rate high will increase the amount of fat that you burn during your workout. If you’re doing a regular workout, you’ll have to rest for about 2 minutes between each set. During that time, your heart rate will drop below 125 BPM, which is the target heart rate for those that want to lose weight. With a circuit routine, there’s no need to rest between sets, so you can keep your heart rate above 125 BP.



  • You can work your entire body. The beauty of a circuit routine is that you’re targeting all of the muscles in your body, so you’ll burn fat from all over – not just near the muscles you’re working out. You’ll hit every muscle in your body, leading to improved overall fitness.


The truth is that a circuit workout is the best weight loss workout for those that are trying to lose weight!

What Your Circuit Routine Looks Like

You’ll do three different exercises per circuit, and you’ll do three different circuits. Once you’re done with those three circuits, you’ll do the exercises all over again. This will ensure that you really push your muscles hard, but you won’t overexert yourself in any one area.

Here is what your perfect circuit routine will look like:

Warm up – spend 5 minutes running or cycling at very low speed and intensity. You don’t want to tire out the muscles, just warm them up.

Circuit 1: Bench Press (Push) – Upright Rows (Pull) – Squats (Legs)

Circuit 2: Military Press (Push) – Bicep Curls (Pull) – Lunges (Legs)

Circuit 3: Tricep Cable Pushdowns (Push) – Wide Grip Pulldowns (Pull) – Calf Raises (Legs)

Once you’ve completed these three circuits, do them all over again in the same order. You want to do each exercise at least twice, though you can try to hit the circuits a third time if you have the time.

Do not rest between each exercise, but only rest once you have completed all three circuits. This will keep your heart rate above 125 BPM, which enables you to burn up to 1000 calories per hour. That is no joke, and I’m going to repeat it – keeping your heart rate above 125 BPM enables you to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour.

Finish off your circuit training routine with a 20-minute run or cycle, and you’re done!

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