The Importance of Exercising for Seniors

Wouldn't it be awesome to have energy and feel good as a twenty year old, even though you're well into your sixties or seventies? Sadly, it's not always possible. As you begin to age, your risk of diseases, illness, and health issues increase. To keep a high level of energy and feel young, take part in a regular exercise regiment to give your body energy and vitality.

Why Exercise?

Here are some of the benefits of exercising:

What to Do

You need exercise just like everyone else, but your goals are a bit different:

Endurance training (like running, cycling, and walking) helps to strengthen your heart and boost circulation.

Flexibility and balance training (like Yoga, stretching, martial arts, and Pilates) helps to increase your flexibility and mobility, and reduce your risk of injuries--both during exercise and in your daily life. The balance aspect will also help you to avoid falls.

Resistance training (like weightlifting) helps to build muscles, but it also increases bone density, thereby preventing osteoporosis and other degenerative disorders.

Here are a few fun ways to add more exercise to your life:

Getting old doesn’t mean you have to sit in a rocking chair and knit or do crossword puzzles the rest of your life. Through leading an active lifestyle you will gain longevity, more energized and greater independent, and your enjoyment for life.


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