The New Scientific Diet Discoveries That Will Change Your Eating Habits

Science is always discovering new and amazing things! Every day, new discoveries change the way we see and think about food, diet, exercise, and a healthy life. Keeping current with the latest findings can help us to live better and healthier. Here are a few of the latest scientific diet discoveries that will change the way you eat:

Eat More Eggs

In the last few years, it was discovered that eggs are NOT as bad for you as was once feared. Sure, there’s a bit of cholesterol in eggs, but that dietary cholesterol won’t have a significant negative effect on your overall cholesterol levels. Now, it looks like eggs are even BETTER for you than you’d think! They’re an amazing source of Vitamin D, the vitamin that fights off stress, improves circulation, and enhances endurance. They’re even more important during the winter time, as there is less sunlight to deliver the Vitamin D your body needs.

Save the Best for Last

What’s your favorite part of your meals? Probably your meat and potatoes, so you enjoy them first and leave the less enjoyable part for later. That may be a mistake! The latest scientific diet discoveries found that eating veggies first actually helped to increase satiety. The wide range of textures in the veggies helped to trigger the production of satiety chemicals, shutting down the appetite earlier. Those who ate their veggies first were far less likely to overeat than those who ate foods with very little textural complexity. Eat your veggies first, and eat your meat and potatoes at the end!

Eat More Fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet is one of the best ways to cut back on the number of calories you consume. Patients who took a psyllium supplement between breakfast and lunch found that they were less hungry when lunch time rolled around. They also had less risk of food cravings than those who took a placebo. If you’re not sure you want to take a fiber supplement, at least make it a point to include more fiber in your diets. This will ensure that your body has the appetite suppressing dietary fiber it needs to keep your stomach full for longer. The result: less hunger, and a lower chance you’ll overindulge on the wrong food at the wrong time!

Processed Meat is Worse than You Thought

It’s a well-known fact that processed meats (that even includes bacon) is dangerous for your health. Between the chemicals used to extend its lifespan and the low nutritional content, it’s better to avoid processed meat. However, recent discoveries only served to reinforce that point. A study found that people who ate more processed meat had shorter leukocyte telomere length (LTL). This is a marker that indicates cellular aging, and may be associated with a wide range of diseases and disorders. Thankfully, regular (unprocessed) meat won’t shorten the telomere length, so you can eat regular meat without having to worry!

Eat With a Purpose

Did you know that people who think they burn more calories are more likely to eat more? One study found that people who were told they burned 250+ calories ate far more than those who were told they’d only burned 50 calories. Oddly enough, both only burned around 120 calories, so the energy requirements were equal. Your mind has an even greater effect on your body than you realize! The secret to eating right is to eat with a purpose. Post-workout food should be consumed to replenish lost calories, not satiate your appetite. Stick with 100-300 calories—no more!


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