The Paleo Diet Food List

The paleo diet is the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The idea is to eat foods provided by Mother Nature, foods that were readily available to our forefathers and are complementary to our biology and digestive system.

Famed for its ability to promote well-being, longevity, reduced illness and sustainable weight loss, the paleo has seen a rise in popularity where other diets have faded as trends. The paleo diet is a lifestyle rather than a diet in the modern sense of the term, and when coupled with regular exercise the benefits of eating paleo can be increased twofold.

Here you'll find recipes for your paelo diet.

The nutritional value within each paleo food source is a food source our body thrives on. The paleo diet encompasses vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and low GI carbohydrates that help to maintain the health of every organ in the body. This targeted approach to eating aims to optimize body performance, boost health and increase quality of life.

Paleo Diet Shopping List

Paleo diet food inclusions are broad and also vary in places depending on the paleo source you are reading from. However, the following foods receive a consensus agreement from the paleo community.








This list is long but nowhere exhaustive. There are so many more foods available under the branch of paleo. All fruits and vegetables are included with only a handful considered “not paleo friendly”; beetroot, green beans, peas, pickles, raisins, sweet potato and yams. Again, it all depends on how strict the school of paleo thought you belong to is. Meat should be grass fed not grain fed and organic where possible. Ham and bacon are considered “not paleo friendly”. And chestnuts also get thumbs down in the nuts department.

Paleo Diet Food Exclusions

Foods excluded from the paleo diet may vary from paleo guru to follower depending on how strict they are and how dedicated to the cause of following the seasonal and absolute eating patterns of our ancestors. However, there are a set of foods which every paleo follower would agree form the standard guidelines for paleo diet exclusions:

Reported benefits of the paleo diet are as follows:

This all sounds great, huge variety and excellent health benefits. But can living paleo really make you loss weight and sustain that weight loss once the calories drop off?

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2 Responses to The Paleo Diet Food List

  1. Jenna says:

    Hi, I just wanted to know why kidney beans are acceptable when they are a legume? I realise the paleo way of eating can be altered depending on individual opinions and strictness. But I'd not yet seen kidney beans as acceptable until reading your post... can you enlighten me? 🙂

  2. steven says:

    Having a brother here I Oregon who was two gernsey cows who sell raw unpasturized milk with the a2 protein we went ahead and did a one month milk, chia seed and water diet for 30 a 8 year special forces 6 year mid east veteran and finally an ex Olympic bobsledder.... so I was took it as a challenge and being 37 6'4 220 with little fat to loose I thought what the hell, I was home In Portland Oregon again and bored so literally 30 days later I had dropped 15 pounds when I didn't have much to loose anyways and never felt better.....traveling to 52 different countrys I hear the about the pasturization, Wellll then the world would be dead and anything before 1950 we all would be two...of course the clean cows are safe but the one gallon b per 9 million sold! And the fact my nickname is drago from rocky 4 is a testament that raw milk, should be paloe with no pasgurization....think about it please:....suck it up and try it for your self....the fat people say then I say look at me and my brothers family and be can't keep the bottles on his farm with all his customers...I never thought I would say this and is an ongoing joke is how our skin looked after the 30 days.....glowing ha ha but true.. so give us a call at 503 688 7040 if you have any questions, mike would love to talk about it! ghost you could see some pics on my F.B if you would like...Steven dilworth and I'm the guy just with the head shot with a cheesy ass picture:-) it says I live in maui....long story!!!! Hope to hear from you!!!!

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