The Safe and Smart Ways to Cut Calories for Weight Loss

When it comes down to it, weight loss is actually a fairly simple concept! As long as you are burning more calories than you consume every day, you will lose weight. You can get fancy and learn about balancing macros and raising protein intake and intermittent fasting and eating specific foods at a certain time of day, but in the end, it pretty much comes down to cutting calories. Read on to find out how to cut calories for weight loss the effective way…

Step 1: Don’t Cut Too Much

The #1 mistake many people make when trying to cut calories for weight loss is cutting too many calories. People who cut too many calories end up hungry because they’re not giving their body enough nutrients to satiate your mineral, vitamin, and macronutrient needs. Their bodies feel deprived, so they end up triggering the hunger hormones in your brain that cause you to eat. Cutting calories right is about reducing by just a few hundred below your daily required intake. Your body NEEDS calories in order to function—give it just short of enough, and it will burn fat to supplement your daily calorie requirements.

Step 2: Consume Less, Burn More

Weight loss doesn’t occur in vacuum where you only diet. If you cut calories for weight loss but didn’t exercise, your metabolism would slow down and you’d end up needing to burn fewer and fewer calories. Exercise keeps your metabolism revved up and ensures that you keep burning as many calories per day as possible. In fact, exercise helps you to burn even more calories, meaning you’ll be able to eat a little bit more every day while still ending up at a caloric deficit. Try to burn at least 500 calories per day doing exercise, and you’ll find it far easier to stay faithful to your diet!

Step 3: Cut the Fluff

And by “fluff”, what we really mean is anything that doesn’t provide you with real nutritional value! Fruits, veggies, meats, legumes, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats are all vital for your health, and they provide the nutrients your body needs in order to function. You can, however, get by without all those cakes, cookies, baked goods, breads, junk food, snacks, sweets, treats, and chips. Your diet goal should be to trim your calorie intake back to only the foods that provide real concrete nutritional value. Anything that’s “extra” should be eliminated!

Step 4: Count Calories

Counting calories can be exhausting, and it will require a great deal of mental effort and discipline every day. However, it will ensure that you are keeping track of your food intake so you don’t go overboard on the calorie consumption. After all, trying to cut calories for weight loss means you’re trying to eat less, but how will you know that you’re eating less unless you keep track of things. It’s worth keeping a food journal or using a computer program or smartphone app to track your daily food intake.

Step 5:  Small Steps Every Meal, Every Day

It’s not about skipping meals or starving yourself thing! Dieting is about making the smart, healthy choices that deliver real results. Start off by cutting out anything unhealthy, and make a concerted effort to eat healthier foods. Trim back the calories you eat at every meal until you’re just getting enough to put your body at a daily deficit. Throw in a daily workout, and you’ve got the recipe for weight loss success by cutting calories!

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