The Top 40 Fastest Fat Burners Ever!

Ask anyone out there from a dietician to Richard Simmons to a regular Joe off the street about diets and you’ll get the same answer: Most diets fail! It’s true. We will not sugar-coat it for you.

Sure, dieting can and will work for you if you get on the right plan and actually stick with it. But most people going on diets fail at least once before achieving their desired results.

One of the biggest reasons most people fail is because they do not experience the results fast enough. Their motivations, while strong in the start, taper off after a week or two, and when they realize that they do not look noticeably slimmer, they decide to pack it in and eventually pack on even more fat.

Diets are supposed to be lifestyle changes, by and large – programs you use to change how you live and look at food. The results are not always going to be fast. That’s just how it is.

However, there are many ways you can increase the fat burning by increasing your workout intensity and your dietary habits. In this article, we will go over the top 40 fastest fat burners of all time. These tips are easy to implement and most will not require any special equipment to execute.

40 Fast Fat Burners

1: Regular Running

People who run (or jog) more than four hours every week are able to burn fat. Not only does the initial running help you to burn fat, but the boost your metabolism gets ensures that your body keeps burning calories and melting away that fat throughout the day.

2: High-Intensity Training

If you can reach 75-80% of your max heart rate and stay in that zone for at least 40 minutes while your work out, then you will be able to keep your metabolism running higher for longer than if you were to work out twice as long at only 50% capacity. In short, a higher intensity short workout is a better and quicker fat burner than a slow-paced drawn out workout.

3: The Early Bird

Working out in the mornings before you eat gives you a jumpstart on the entire day. You will literally have energy to burn when you wake up, and the workout will boost your metabolism and help you burn off calories for the rest of the day.

4: Bulking Up

Lifting weights to put on muscle has shown to help burn fat. The common misconception is that fat can be turned into muscle. That is outright false. However, staying on a proper diet with medium-intensity weight training is one of the most effective fat burners out there.

5: Weigh Yourself… Literally

If you’re not the running type, then walking with weights is a great way to burn fat. You can hold some dumbbells while you’re on the treadmill, or you can throw on a weighted vest while you walk around the block.

6: Alternating Intensity

Exercising at a snail’s pace isn’t going to produce quick results, and going all-out all the time is not sustainable. But alternating your intensity during a workout has shown to be one of the best fat-burning tools you can implement.

7: Pick up some Kettlebells

A cross between a tea kettle and a dumbbell, a kettlebell is a great, inexpensive workout tool that can help you burn fat quickly. They’re comfortable to work out with and completing a variety of exercises with the kettlebells will quickly burn inches off your waist.

8: Let the Music Move You

Studies show that listening to upbeat music can help you stay amped up for a workout. The more up-tempo the music is, the more likely you are to have a great workout.

9: Faux Skiing

Nordic poles, those things you see skiers use (similar to those things you see people picking up trash with) are really inexpensive and make a great addition to any walking routine. They will ensure that you work your arms while walking, thus doubling your workout and helping you to burn fat faster.

10: Stay in the Habit

Do not think one day of working out is enough for a while. If you worked out yesterday, then do a little bit today. The idea is to fall into the habit of exercising. You do not have to perform a hardcore workout every day, but just make sure that you’re doing a little something each day to stay active.

11: Increase in Intervals

Maybe you do not want to become the next Terminator, but you should still increase the amount of weights you’re lifting every two weeks or so. Just go up 10 or 20 pounds in order to increase the intensity and increase the fat-burning results.

12: Muscle First

We mentioned that you should work out in the mornings; however, you should focus on any weight training before you tackle your cardio. Give your system an extra boost by working on your muscles before you rev up the cardiovascular system.

13: Hit Your Max

If you want to experience really quick results, try this: During one workout every week while weight training, do an entire set lifting your absolute maximum. This will work your system in ways you never imagined and the fat will run away scared.

14: Smell the Roses

This holistic approach has shown proven results. According to research, people implementing aromatherapy in their routines and inhaling buttery popcorn and strawberry scents actually burned more calories and ultimately lost more weight than exercisers that did not.

15: Score a Goal

If you do not feel like being a slave to the treadmill or your town’s local jogging path, then get out there and play some soccer. The constant motion of the game, although not always high intensity, works your muscles and cardiovascular system.

16: Homage to Iron Mike

Violence is never the answer… unless we’re talking about one of the quickest ways to burn fat. Get in the gym and lace up the gloves. Okay, you don’t have to punch your friend in the nose. But you can work on that heavy bag and take out some aggression while you’re slimming down.

17: Stay the Course

Whatever active routine you have going, don’t forget that you shouldn’t slack off. According to research, fit, active people have many more fat-burning metabolites in their system than people who are inactive or who are sporadically active.

18: Caffeine Intake

Now, you shouldn’t become a regular coffee junkie at the local Starbucks, but research has shown that ingesting some caffeine (around two cups of coffee or green tea per day) will boost your metabolism and help you to burn fat.

19: The Protein Punch

Protein helps you stay fuller for longer, thus curbing your food cravings and helping you to burn fat fast. The way the protein is broken down and absorbed by your body, in conjunction with an active lifestyle, will also help you burn off more fat.

20: Do not sacrifice a lot

A lot of dieters feel as if dropping down to below a thousand calories will help them get the best fat-burning results. However, the body goes into starvation mode just under 1,200 calories, so always make sure that your calorie intake is around 1,300 per day for the best fat-burning results.

21: Stock up on Eggs

Eggs—the white especially—are a low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein food source. Eating them in the morning or snacking on one during the day will help you stay full without the guilt of eating a big meal.

22: Snack Smart

Let’s face it: everyone snacks. The idea is to avoid the junk food and other unhealthy alternatives that will reverse all the hard work you’ve put in, so when you need to snack, reach for a handful or nuts, some low-fat yogurt, grapefruit, or other healthy alternatives.

23: Gradual Cutting

A great way to keep your system “fooled,” if you will,” is to gradually cut down on calories. Do not cut down to your minimum in the first day. Cut one or two hundred a day. And make sure you up it by a hundred or two every other day to keep your system working hard.

24: Low-GI Foods

Carb-cutting has shown great fat-burning results, but carb-eliminating can backfire. Instead of cutting out all carbs, make sure you’re only cutting out the bad carbs. Take a look at the glycemic index and eat low-GI foods to help you burn fat.

25: No Alcohol

Although you might feel like rewarding yourself for a job well done, slow down and think before you drink. According to research, as little as 90 calories ingested from alcohol can slow your metabolism by around 70%.

26: Healthy Fats

Diets rich in good fats, including olives and avocados, can help you burn fat in a hurry. The good fats (monounsaturated) will also help you lower bad cholesterol levels, so it’s a win-win approach to dieting.

27: Eat Regularly

Multiple studies show that you must eat in order to lose weight. You should be aiming for 4 to 6 smaller meals per day. Skipping meals and occasionally eating will result in slower weight loss and possibly even weight gain.

28: Cap Your Meals

Eating until you’re stuffed is a recipe for disaster when it comes to dieting. Even if it’s only during one meal per day, eating more than 600 calories for any one meal will slow your metabolism to a halt. Keep your meals small in portion and in numbers.

29: Don’t Juice

Many people think that drinking fruit and vegetable juices is a healthy choice. Well, it is. It’s just not that great for fat-burning. Eating an apple will fill you up more efficiently than drinking apple juice, and you will be ingesting far fewer calories and carbs.

30: Take the Stairs

Something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you burn fat in a hurry; and while it’s not a legitimate workout, it’s still a physical activity that your body will greatly appreciate.

31: Don’t Fight for Parking

Like the stairs above this, parking farther away from your destination and walking more is a great habit to develop. Instead of fighting for that close parking spot, go ahead and park over in the next lot. The walk won’t kill you.

32: Something Fishy

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have a wide variety of benefits, including helping you to quickly burn fat. You should ingest around 6 grams of fish oil every day to experience the full range of benefits.

33: Vitamin Intake

In order to reach your full fat-burning potential, make sure that you’re caught up on your vitamin C and D intake. You should be taking at least 400mg per day of vitamin C and at least 800mg per day of vitamin D.

34: Don’t be a Couch Potato

Research shows that watching too much TV, while maybe not really bad for your eyes, is bad for your waistline. People are in a daze while watching TV, not being active at all. Cut your TV time in half and devote the time to something else.

35: Be a Day Person

We have learned to sleep at night through evolution, and our bodies release a wide range of hormones when the sun goes down, many of which cause our glucose levels to spike and raise cortisol levels. If at all possible, switch around to the day shift.

36: Big Lunch, Small Dinner

Traditionally, most of us eat our largest meals nearer the nighttime. However, in order to really burn that body fat, you should be eating your smallest meals in the evening and eating your largest meals in the middle of your day.

37: Keep Your Goals in Sight

Never lose track of the “you” you want to become. By staying focused on a target, you will be able to stay motivated to reach your desired weight, and this is how fat-burning truly happens.

38: Sleep Aid

Sleeping a regular 8 hours per night is one of the fastest ways to burn fat out there. Your body works hard while you’re in REM sleep, and proper sleep leaves you energized and feeling great.

39: Get a Pet

If you don’t have a dog already, get one if at all possible, or ask to walk your friend’s or neighbor’s dog. Having a pet and walking it is a great way to get in some exercise without feeling as if you’re exercising at all.

40: Cut out the Condiments

Things like mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and other condiments are just packing on calories to your meals. If you use proper seasoning and cooking techniques, you will not need to drown your food in add-ons.

Although you can find literally hundreds of fat-burning tips, these 40 listed here will definitely serve you well if used properly. The fat isn’t going to instantly disappear. It’s going to require work. But with these tips, you can experience quick results and get a good look at what you’re really fighting for.


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