The Truth behind Food Labels

One of the seemingly best things about shopping at stores and markets today is that you’ll always know what you’re buying. Right? I mean, with many government regulations in dozens of countries, food labels have to be accurate and tell you all about the nutritional value of a product, as well as other factors like, obviously, price, the ingredients list and, for some products, even where it was made.

With the many regulations, today’s shopping trips are easy and you always get what you think you’re getting. Oh, you mean that’s not true? Well, it’s not. In fact, depending on what you’re shopping for, it’s not even close to true.

Before we get to the outright “lies” in food labeling, however, let’s speak a little bit about how misleading labeling can be. You think you’re buying one thing, but you’re really buying something completely different at times.

Examples of false advertisement in food labeling are running rampant throughout your grocers. But what else should someone expect from a government-regulated industry? Always educate yourself about food facts before purchasing foods, and always try to stay away from the canned, jarred, boxed and other processed stuff.

One Response to The Truth behind Food Labels

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, this gives me a lot to think about. We do expect our food to be labeled correctly and truthfully. I know to stay away from processed foods, but sometimes we need some of these things to stock our pantry for busy times for quick meals. I will certainly look more carefully and scrutinize what I choose for my family.

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