Increase your Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis means increasing the metabolic rate by burning fat to produce body heat. There are thousands of supplements on the market today. You should understand that a higher dosage does not mean faster weight loss but an increase in side effects. If you use thermogenic products, you should combine them with a sensible balanced diet and moderate exercise for the best results.

Stimulants that increase thermogenesis

It speeds up the heart rate and increases the metabolic rate. It is safe unless abused, but it has powerful side effects, including cerebral hemorrhage, strokes, and heart irregularities.

A popular combination of supplement ingredients for weight loss is ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin (ECA). The ECA combination increases daily caloric expenditure by nearly 8%. There are various forms of each ingredient that can be put together in different amounts to produce the ECA compound.

Non-stimulants that accelerate thermogenesis for losing weight

There are products being marketed that you can take with thermogenic products to burn additional fat and lose weight. You should understand that some of these are produced naturally by your body and the results achieved by taking them as supplements will be minimal.

An extract of the Dioscorea Villosa tuber (Wild Yam) increases core temperature and aids fat metabolism. No negative side effects were attributed to it.

A number of scientific journals have published articles on this question, including The International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, American Journal of Physiology have reported on the effectiveness of ephedrine, and green tea as thermogenics.


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