How To Lose Weight Fast Quick & Easily
Posted 10 years ago

More than politics, more than religion, more than relationships, it’s actually diets that remain the most controversial topic in existence. Why? Well, it has to do with the fact that…

How To Lose Weight Fast Quick & Easily
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The Food Lover's Diet

How To Lose Weight Fast Quick & Easily

More than politics, more than religion, more than relationships, it’s actually diets that remain the most controversial topic in existence. Why? Well, it has to do with the fact that there are thousands of diet varieties out there, some of which work, some of which do not, and millions of people choosing sides, as it were, for or against dieting methods.

Due to the advancements made in the field of health and medicine, we know that being overweight is not only uncomfortable and something that can cause self-esteem issues, but we also now know there are a wide range of dangerous conditions triggered by obesity.

If you’re finally ready to take charge of your life and shed some weight, we’ll cover three working diet formulas that, if implemented correctly, will help you drop 10 pounds in a week.

A Few Quick Weight Loss Tips

Before we get started talking about the types of diets to implement, let’s first go over a few timely tips which will help you in the proverbial battle of the bulge.

Avoid Fads

First and foremost, avoid any sort of diet craze – this includes but isn’t limited to: no-carb diets, fasting, excessive exercise (there is such a thing), binging/purging, crash diets, weight-loss pills, and any and every supposed “miracle” diet.

Add Filler

Before eating any meal on your diet, try drinking a glass of water or two. Water is not only healthier for you than just about any other drink under the sun, but it will also help you to feel full, thus enabling you to eat less and lose weight faster.

Counting Calories

There is an essential formula to weight-loss: if you burn more calories than you ingest, you will lose weight. This is why many people carefully count their calorie intake and make sure not to exceed a certain limit. Set a daily calorie goal, at least 500 calories lower than your normal diet, and make sure you’re exercising to burn them off.

Add the Exercise

With the three diet types we’re about to touch on, it’s important to remember that no method will bring you the desired and prolonged results unless you implement exercise into your life. Whether you’re trying weight training, aerobics, light cardio, or any other type of physical activity, bodies in motion equal slimming waistlines.

Fast Weight Loss with a Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet isn’t often thought of for weight loss in particular. This diet consisting of high fat intake, sufficient protein and few carbohydrates is actually a medicinal diet prescribed to children suffering from epilepsy.

Ketogenic diets mimic starvation in the body, to put it simply, without actually “starving” the body.

The human body burns carbohydrates for its energy source, especially dealing with brain function, and a ketogenic diet forces the body to burn fats instead. By limited one’s carb intake, the body has no choice but to start burning fat to keep itself energized.

Of course, this type of diet requires some sort of training to be the most effective. And in essence, it’s a low-carb diet that doesn’t eliminate them completely from your menu.

Learn more: Ketogenic Low Carb Diet LCHF

Quick Weight Loss with a Low Calorie Diet

As mentioned above with the Counting Calories tip, the human body sheds pounds when it burns more calories than it takes in. This is the basic rule for all diets and thus one of the most popular diets you can implement in order to start your journey with the first 10 pounds shed.

This type of diet will take some diligence on your part. You will still watch you eat in terms of fats, carbs and cholesterol. There’s no reason for your health to suffer just to bring your body size down.

Pay attention to ensure you’re planning well-balanced menus. Avoid processed foods and find out the calorie count of everything that you’re putting into your mouth. Also, speed the burning process up by exercising regularly.

Even a short 20 minute walk per day can be all the training you need to get started on your diet. For a low-calorie diet, exercise is important since we’re not eliminating carbs.

What to eat and what not to eat on a low-calorie diet:

This is a whole lot broader in terms of what you can/can’t eat. In fact, you can technically eat anything you want as long as you make sure you’re not exceeding your calorie limit for the day. Even still, stray away from processed/refined foods, foods high in sugars, and alcohol.

A 1200 calorie/daily diet is a great way to go for shedding pounds quickly. To help you break this down, try eating four separate small meals per day, consisting of 300 calories a piece.

You may not think 300 calories will fill you up, but you would be surprised at the amount of food you can eat and still come in under that number.

Simply steaming instead of frying, taking the skin off of chicken, switching to fish instead of beef, cutting out snacks, etc – these steps will really help you along on this diet.

Learn more: The 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Weight Loss with a Low Fat Diet

Limiting your fat intake isn’t the same as limiting your carbohydrate intake. The body turns sugars to fats, and thus most low-carb diets are moderate to high in fat and still rather successful. However, low-fat diets work when followed properly due to the fact that fat is extremely energy dense.

Gram for gram, fat has more calories in it than anything else you’ll eat. So, essentially, eating a low-fat diet is performing the same weight-loss function for you as eating a lower calorie diet. The difference, of course, is your long-term health.

A low-fat diet is extremely heart healthy and, when used in conjunction with exercise, can help you drop that first 10 pounds in a hurry.

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16 Responses to How To Lose Weight Fast Quick & Easily

  1. webguide says:

    Thank you for your question, maybe you should have a look at glycemic index diets based on this are considered safe and healthy.


  2. chemie says:

    Hi, I am so happy to see this site on dieting. I need to loss weight in a month. I am now 55 kg. and i want to loss some 6 kg in a month. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  3. Sharon Brown says:

    Since my son was born 42 years ago I have been fighting the 100 lbs I gaoned while carrying him ( 135lb - 235lbs.) I have lost 60-70 lbs three times in these 40 yrs but never keep it off. I want to know why is it when I have joined a program ( I've tried them all) It seems to take me approx 18 months to loose the 60 lbs 75 inches when others that I know have lost their weight in at least 1/2 the time. My family and friends will tell you I am adament about following the rules when I am trying to looses weight. I have given up after all the money I have spent and the tears I have shed. I am 67 years old now and am at risk for heart attack stroke, I have high blood pressure and am pre diabetic. I have been hospitalized once a few years ago with Conjestive jeart failure and have no gall bladder. I am first to admit that I live a sedentary lifestyle as I have arthritis inmy back, hips hands and I have no cushionibg in one knee. I have often wondered if I have a thyroid problem but the Dr. never seems to pesue this possibility.Wishfull thinking on my part I guess

    • Arti says:


      Mam considering by your age you have to drink hot water daily. Whenever you drink water just do it hot. (like coffee water) and really you feel so much better within a month . You feel lighter than before. And 50 % of your diseases are over. Really

      Just try it . There is nothing to harm. It is just a hot water. But it is full of magic.....

  4. jayvik says:

    ..hi i m jaivik my weight is 78kgs n i m going zym rgurarly..!.i m jst loosing wait jst bcos one girl dumpd me..! Pls help me.

    • Michael says:

      I was 79 or 78 kgs like you but I lost 6 kgs in only 4 days because I haven't eat for total of 3 days except for a cup of coffee with a bit of sugar. I did not eat for the first 2 days except of a cup of coffee with a bit of sugar in the morning and on the 3rd day I ate only 1 meal and the 4th day, i did not eat anything except of a cup of coffee in the morning. This is because I stayed in front of computer talking about Michael Jackson on Youtube and fighting with his fans and his haters but what surprises me is that it really worked. No Joke. When you are hungry, do not think about food and try to enjoy yourself by watching movies or playing video games or doing online discussions or any kind of distractions that can make you forget about eating. Basically, I had lost 5 kgs unintentionally. I had a flame discussion online which made me forgot about eating even though i was hungry. Feeling hungry is a good thing because it means that your body is converting your fat to energy since you did not ingest any energy (calories from food). If you don't consume the calories then they would be store as fat for later use. This is how people at concentration camps or those who were trapped in mines for weeks had lost fat. I understand that it is a suffering but if you can manage to do it then the result would be be faster.

      Perhaps you can also just take a Multi-Centrum pill or Multi-Vitamins pill in the morning to avoid loss of nutrients (does not contain calories) and don't eat anything for the rest of the day. This would ensure that you would stay healthy without eating.

      However, running for more than an hour is still a recommendation and not everyone would recommend you to starve yourself but I just wanna share my experience.

      Now, I am at 72 kgs.

  5. haroon akbar says:

    my weight is 94kg, height is 5 11, age is 40, waist is 42 inch. how many calories to be burn per day during cardio, body weight training. how much protein intake daily.

  6. mike says:

    hey, im trying to lose weight, im 244kg and i hate it, my girlfriend dosnt love me cos of my weight problems, ir eallly neeed help!!!!! please helpppp!!! because if i dont lose this weight ill never have a girlfdriend agaiaannnn! :'(

  7. Barbara McFee says:

    According to all weight loss plans-women should eat 1200 calories per day and men 1500
    calories to lose weight. Plans can be seen on the internet but fruits,vegetables,lean
    turkey,chicken,fish and whole grains are the main items that you can eat. Drinking your 2 glasses of water prior to meals helps to curb hunger. People need at least this number of calories so hair doesn't fall out,etc. Starving can cause hair,dental,
    skin and organ problems. It's not easy but we can all lose weight in a healthy manner.

  8. shar says:

    i have been fat all my life and im sick of it i want to lose some inchessss and then pamper myself a bit then go out on the town and instead of geting called fat ill get lots og good loks and i will fell better being me and not ashaemed of the way i look

  9. Matt Mosley says:

    I really need some help losing some weight quicker -- maybe at least 3 pounds per day, 10 pounds per week, or 20 pounds per month. I've been struggling with my weight for years.

  10. Tyler says:

    hey! can someone give me a little advice? i am a 14 year old girl. i weigh 160lbs and im 5"1. I'm tired of being so fat. My parents, sisters, hell even my GRANDMA has called me fat. help please. thanks in advance!

  11. Lele says:

    im eating healthily and joined gym but im gaining a kilo p/month. i do cardio + zumba. Will weight training help?

  12. Preeti says:

    Hi Lele. What kind of exercises are you doing at the gym? Inefficient exercising may lead to weight gain.

  13. Neal says:

    Hi. Quite a few people looking to lose weight here, but please keep this in mind. A crash diet is essentially a yo-yo diet. Drastically reducing calories will put your body into survival mode and any resulting loss will be temporary once you start eating again.

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