Tips and Benefits of Juicing for Kids

  1. Keep it simple:use “normal” ingredients. Start easy with apples, grapes, and carrots. When Juicing for kids you have to Wait until their palates develop to introduce the more “adventurous” flavors like ginger, spinach, kale etc.
  2. Be Honest:don’t hide what’s in the juice. Let them see, touch, and make it themselves. Children learn from a hands-on approach. It’s good for them to learn about the fruits and why it’s good for them. When juicing for kids you have to get them engaged. They are more likely to try it if they made it.
  3. Get them involved: have all the fruit pre-cut and let them make their own juice. You can “guide” them by arranging the fruit for them.
  4. Keep them hydrated:Although juice is delicious and nutritious, you still want to limit consumption of fruit juices and make sure they’re drinking plenty of water. Juicing for kids is a great way to get extra veggies and fruits in their diet but 1-2 glasses of juice a day is sufficient. They should drink half of their body weight in ounces a day of water. Ex. A child that weighs 50lbs. should drink a minimum of 25 ounces of water a day, more water if they are active.
  5. Eat whole fruit and veggies:This is not a replacement for whole fruit and vegetables since juices lack fiber content. To increase fiber content, try adding some of the pulp to the juice. Make sure they eat the whole fruit and vegetable, especially the ones that were introduced in the juice.
  6. Extra attention to vegetables:The goal is to increase veggie intake since fruit is always the easier food to introduce into a child’s diet. Use the fruit to sweeten and mask the taste of greens. They might start to favor the more earthy flavors with time.

Benefits of fruits and vegetables:

  • Apple: high in potassium good for healthy bones, reduces arthritis, high in vitamin C, anti-oxidants, healthy sugars keep you energized, beta carotene for beautiful skin and nails.
  • Beets: blood purifier, liver tonic, detox, high in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A. B. & C, folic acid, very beneficial for women before, during, and after pregnancy, brain food, high source of energy.
  • Carrots: cancer prevention, anti- aging, contains beta-carotene for healthy skin & nails, improves vision, detox, high in vitamin C, prevents heart-disease.
  • Cucumber: high in B vitamins, hydrating, relieves bad breathe, aids in weight loss, digestive aid, combats diabetes, great source of Vitamins, A, B, C, & D, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Promotes joint health.
  • Ginger: anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, digestive aid, combats nausea.
  • Kale: Vitamin A, C, K, and anti-inflammatory, High in Iron, Liver tonic.
  • Lemon: liver tonic, high in vitamin C, destroys intestinal worms, digestive aid, detox, anti-bacterial, blood tonic, treats high blood pressure, anti-cancer, dissolves gallstones, kidney stone, and calcium deposits.
  • Orange: immune system booster, anti-oxidant, high in vitamin C, and vitamin A. Beta carotene for healthy nails, skin, and vision. Good source of b-complex vitamin.
  • Pineapple: keeps gums & teeth healthy, alleviates arthritis, strengthens bones, prevents colds and the flu, packed with vitamins, and improves digestion.
  • Pear: osteoporosis prevention, increased energy levels, digestive aid, and immune booster, hypoallergenic, packed with vitamins.
  • Spinach: curbs appetite, aids digestion, cancer fighting phyto-nutrient, anti-inflammatory, high in anti-oxidants, Vitamins C, E, & K, calcium, beta-carotene, zinc, aids good vision, boosts immune system, helps with high blood pressure. Raw spinach contains 30 mg of calcium; cooked spinach contains 291mg of calcium. Eat cooked spinach if you need more calcium in your diet. One C of milk contains 300mg of calcium. Soymilk contains 300mg as well.
  • Swiss Chard: promotes good brain health, anti-oxidants, healthy hair & nails, cancer prevention, blood sugar regulator, combats against diabetes, blood tonic.
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