Fill the Cupboard with Healthy Food

We all know that we have to cut down on high calorie foods such as cakes and chocolate in order to lose weight. Instead we should ingest more wholemeal products, vegetables and fruits. But if a lot of "goodies" are present in the cupboards we are tempted to eat them. You can easlily fight those temptations by clearing out the cupboards and refill them and your fridge with wholesome, natural and low fat foods and ingredients. Even some dark choclate as a treat every now and then could be found there.

The list below provides you information about what types of food we should to have in our cupboards.


You can also put some other products such as breakfast cereal and muesli, sauces, some tinned products (baked beans, tomatoes, soups, fruits, etc.) and wholemeal- or brown bread in your shelves. Be aware that those processed foods often contain a high amount of sugars, fat or salt to keep them lasting longer. The better alternative to does ready-made products is to buy fresh foods.

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