What Is Your Body Fat Percentage?

When trying to lose weight it’s very useful to know your body fat percentage. This is one of the simplest success metrics to measure your weight loss. Just because you haven’t “lost weight” for a week or two, that doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t burnt any stored fat. You could have had a large lunch/dinner and it isn’t fully digested and processed by the body. You could have extra water retention. You could also be building new muscle (which is great).

Knowing your body fat percentage allows you to see all the positive changes within your body. It will also allow you to see where your body is burning the energy from.

How to measure your body fat

There are a multitude amount of ways to measure your body fat:

  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

    Some scales provide the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) by measuring the resistance of an electrical current versus your weight. This sends a small electrical current though your body and can be measured against it. This method can be fairly inaccurate depending on the persons build and since the body is approximately 73% water, drinking more water will help increase conductivity and lower the body fat measured.

    The reciprocate will also happen if one is dehydrated, a higher body fat will be measured. This can lead to high level of error in calculation.

  • Skinfold Test

    This may be the familiar test to most people. Measurements are taken with callipers around areas of the body (standardized). The areas are pinched and the callipers measure the thickness of the skin and fat. This only measures the fat that is around the area of skin that is pinched, and because we all store fat differently will yield varied results. However, measurements are taken and are a good way to benchmark and measure change over a period of time.

  • Online Calculators

    An online calculator is a good estimation method to use and to benchmark. You’ll get your measurements, and then repeat the measurements every month to gauge change. Using our free online body fat calculator, this should help provide a start. All you need is a tape measure and a few minutes of time.

Use our free calculator below to calculate your body fat percentage.

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You can add the bmi calculator to your site. Just copy and paste this code.

The Body Fat Calculator was designed to estimate fat percentage, it should only be used as a rough guide. It is impossible to accurately determine a persons fat percentage within special equipment.

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