Top 5 Diet Supplements #5: CortiSlim

Dieters do not usually need to know how their bodies work in order to lose weight. Simply being strong-willed enough to stick with a diet and exercise regimen will work. However, some overweight individuals have no choice but to learn about the inner workings of their bodies, due to chemical imbalance issues, stress and anxiety issues, and deep emotional problems.

As you delve into the body, you will find a substance called cortisol, a hormone that is produced by the adrenal gland and is released in response to stress in order to increase blood sugar and to aid in fat, carb and protein metabolism.

The reason this is important to some is because some people are not producing healthy levels of cortisol for whatever reasons. They need a boost. And that’s why diet supplements like CortiSlim are so popular in today’s market.

How CortiSlim Works

Actually, if cortisol is your problem, it isn’t a “boost” you need but rather a suppressant. When your body experiences too much stress, too much cortisol is released, negatively affecting other hormones like insulin, serotonin and DHEA, causing the metabolism to slow down in its function, and triggering some individuals to experience food cravings due to blood sugar imbalance.

CortiSlim is a weight-loss supplement comprised of various vitamins and herbs, chromium, vanadium, green tea, bitter orange, magnolia bark, and other ingredients which supposedly act in conjunction to help balance your body’s chemistry and ultimately produce weight loss.

CortiSlim is available in four different forms – Original, Burn, Control, and Energy Punch.

Pros and Cons of CortiSlim



Editor’s Verdict

At the end of the day, there is just no proof that CortiSlim works. It would be wonderful if they could provide some results from clinical studies. It’s a shame. Their supplement seems to be safe, affordable, and actually targeted at the reasons people overeat, unlike other supplements that do nothing to get at root causes. So it’s sad that CortiSlim is unproven. We can’t say it’s a hoax, but we cannot rightly suggest you use it without proof to back it up.

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