Top 5 Diet Supplements #1: Sensa

Every so often the world’s dieters are bombarded with new products that claim to work in a miracle-like fashion. Just sit on sofa, stuff your face with pizza and burgers, and you can magically lose weight.

Well, if you’re a regular reader at Weight Loss for All, you know that these types of products have one thing in common – they simply do not work. Not only are they bogus, but many are outright bad for you and can hurt your overall health in the long run.

One of the newest products out today, and one of the top-selling weight-loss products of 2011, is the new “miracle” powder, Sensa.

Advertised on late-night infomercials and in magazines across the planet, Sensa is a dieting powder you sprinkle onto your food, and you’re then supposed to start losing weight. But how does it all work?

How Sensa Works

Sensa is supposedly able to target your senses and your brain and ultimately “trick” you into believing you’re full. By just sprinkling some of this magic dust on your food, you feel fuller faster and ultimately eat less.

Sensa is just the latest “magical” appetite suppressant to hit the store shelves, and by enhancing smell and taste, it is supposedly aimed at satisfying your body’s natural impulses to eat more, more, more of that unhealthy food.

Pros and Cons of Sensa


  • As an appetite suppressant, there is scientific proof that Sensa works; it is able to curb one’s appetite and cause them to eat less
  • Sensa is easy to carry around and its delivery system acts like a common salt shaker
  • As a supplement, Sensa is safe and acts as a natural food enhancer
  • Some users have experienced weight loss from eating less


  • The product is quite expensive to be a rebranded, renamed appetite suppressant, essentially no different from a dozen others on the market – the delivery system and the colorful advertising are the only separating factors
  • Sensa does absolutely nothing—zero—to hit at the root causes most people are overweight. In order to effectively lose weight, one needs a lifestyle change. What Sensa offers is a supposed path to health without changing what you eat; you just eat less of it – allegedly
  • Sensa promotes zero exercise. A lot of other diet pills and products on the market at least tell you to use them in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. With Sensa, you’re encouraged to live the same way you always live.

Editor’s Verdict

Not to knock on Sensa, but we think it is a pretty pointless product. In fact, we’ll go beyond that and say that Sensa can actually inflict more harm than good. You see, this product does nothing to get at the root causes of why people overeat in the first place. And encouraging people to not change their lifestyle and claiming that this magic dust can promote weight-loss is just more made-for-TV gibberish.

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