Try This Fun and Unique Deck of Cards Workout Routine

Want a fun workout routine that you can do from home anytime, anywhere? The Deck of Cards Workout Routine is an absolutely unique option that will give you a fun and flexible workout that will never be the same twice. With just a bit of preparation, you can turn a deck of cards into a kickass home exercise option!

What is the Deck of Cards Workout Routine?

It’s pretty much as simple as it sounds: you take a deck of cards, assign workout values to each of the cards, and simply shuffle the deck and draw cards for your workout. You assign a specific movement to each suit (clubs = push-ups, spades = squats, etc.), and the number cards tell you how many of that particular exercise to perform. For the face cards, Aces, and Jokers, you assign specific exercises independent of the suit, or variations of the exercises you already assigned per suit (i.e. King of Clubs = Wide Push-Ups, Queen of Clubs = Diamond Push-Ups, etc.) and perform ten repetitions.

How to Craft Your Own Deck of Cards Workout Routine

Start off with a deck of playing cards, the sort you’ll find just about everywhere. Determine what the focus of your workout is going to be—whether you’re at home or the gym doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you know what you’re going to work out. Choose a muscle group or a specific focus, and assign exercises to each of the four suits, then exercises to each of the face cards, Aces, and Jokers. Once you’ve got the exercises assigned, it’s time to shuffle the deck and start working out!

An Example Deck of Cards Workout

Here’s a quick idea of how you could make it work. Let’s say you decide today is Chest and Triceps Day. You’d assign one workout per suit: clubs = Push-Ups, spades = Bench Presses, hearts = Flys, and diamonds = Dips. Then you’d assign one exercise per high card: Jacks = Diamond Push-Ups, Queens = Tricep Kickbacks, Kings = Dumbbell Presses, Aces = Overhead Tricep Extensions, Jokers = Cable Pushdowns. Now that you’ve got the exercises assigned, shuffle the deck and pull the top card to start your workout.

How Long Should Your Workout Last?

That’s the beauty of this routine: you’ll never really know how long it will last! Sometimes you’ll pull a lot of face cards or cards with high numbers, so you’ll blast through your workout quickly and hit fatigue within the first ten or so draws. Other times, you’ll get lower number cards mixed in, so you’ll end up working more sets of fewer reps to make it work. You can always switch to higher weight for lower-rep sets to hit muscle fatigue faster. But with this workout, you’ll find it’s always changing up, so no workout is ever the same twice.

Why Should You Try the Deck of Cards Workout?

A lot of people get bored doing the same workout with the same number of reps and sets over and over again. Boredom is one of the worst enemies of a quality fitness program, as when you get bored, you start to put less and less effort into the workouts. By mixing things up every day with your Deck of Cards Workout Routine, you’ll prevent boredom because there will always be something new to try. You’ll have fun changing things up on a daily basis, and you’ll make sure your body never fully adapts to one exercise or workout routine—meaning better long-term muscle growth!

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