Try TRX Training To Boost Your Workout

Want to kick your workout into hyperdrive and double down on the effectiveness of the simplest, most common moves? You’ll find that TRX training is one of the best ways to make even an easy move hard, and you’ll pack on the pounds of muscle like a bodybuilding superstar!

What is TRX Training?

TRX training involves the use of the TRX bands, which help you to lift your weight from the floor. Basically, you place your arms and legs in the bands, and you do all of the work fighting against both your body weight and gravity. You’ll find that easy exercises can be MUCH harder when you’re doing them with the TRX training bands, and you can make AMAZING progress towards your weight loss and muscle building.

Why Does TRX Training Work?

What makes TRX training so effective? When your arms and legs are supported by the TRX bands, the bands don’t provide the same amount of stability as the floor. In fact, it will take MUCH more effort to keep your body supported and stable while on the TRX training bands, sort of how it works to do exercises while holding yourself up on a stability ball. All the little secondary muscles are recruited, and you end up using ALL of your body muscles just to perform exercises as simple as push-ups or low rows. You’ll find that using the TRX training methods can be VERY effective for muscle-building, so it’s worth a try.

TRX-Style Pushups

Push-ups are an exercise that just about everyone can do, but adding the TRX training bands into the mix can make them MUCH harder.

To do TRX push-ups, you’ll need to grasp the TRX hands securely in your hands. Lean forward, letting the weight rest on your legs and arms as you sustain yourself in the plank position. The bands will likely wobble a bit, so find your stability before dropping down into the push-up. ONLY drop into the push-up as far as your shoulders before pushing back up. Repeat this exercise slowly, making sure that you don’t wobble too much. Within a few reps, your chest, arms, and shoulders will be burning, along with your core and leg muscles. It’s all thanks to the fact that you have to keep yourself stable.

TRX-Style Rows

This is an exercise most people do for their upper back muscles, but it hits the core, shoulders, and biceps as well. Doing it the TRX way is a great way to double down on the movement’s effectiveness.

Instead of sitting down for this exercise, stand up and grasp the TRX bands firmly in your hands. Now lean back until your body is at a 45 degree angle with the floor, and your arms are fully extended. Pull up until your hands are nearly by your side to contract the muscles, and extend your arms again to release them. Repeat this a dozen times, and your entire upper body will feel the burn.

TRX-Style Hamstring Curls

This new way of doing Hamstring Curls will help you to burn more energy and harness more than just the hamstring muscles. You can target the glutes nicely with this exercise.

Lie on your back, placing your ankles in the TRX band’s loop. Place your hands on the floor by your side. To perform the exercise, lift your hips from the ground, bend your knees, and curl your ankles toward your butt. It will target those hamstrings and glutes, and you’ll feel the burn in no time!

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