Ways to Make Your Diet More Effective

Diets are tough–there’s no two ways about it. The average person has a hard time sticking with their diet, no matter how committed they are to it at the beginning. If you want to make your diet more effective, here are some tips to help you:

Drink LOTS of Water

Did you know that drinking a cup of cold water actually burns up to 20 calories? Drink more water, and it will trick your body into quashing those hunger pangs. After all, if your stomach is full, even if it’s just with liquid, you will be less likely to be hungry. If you really want to go all out, make iced green tea with as little sweetener as possible for an antioxidant-rich filling drink.

Have Good Snacks Handy

Tummy rumbling but meal time is still a few hours away? If you can find a good low-calorie snack, it will be easy for you to grab something and fill up until meal time. A handful of nuts, a small bowl of yoghurt and natural granola, or baked chips with homemade salsa can be a great snack to tide you over a few hours!

Mint Up

Did you know that mint sends signals telling your brain that you’re no longer hungry, thereby shutting down your appetite? A bit of mint gum can be the perfect after-meal food, as it will stop you from being hungry and lusting after dessert. You can also brush your teeth, and the sweetness of the toothpaste will help you feed your sweet tooth without adding extra calories.

Cleanse and Fast

You shouldn’t do it often, but a monthly cleanse or fast can actually be good for you. It can help you reset your eating habits, and can help you flush your body out after a particularly bad cheat day. Make sure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet the rest of the month, and take a day off to drink only juice, green shakes, or just water.

Start the Day With Exercise

You don’t need to roll out of bed and hit the gym, but you should spend a few minutes every morning getting your heart beating and your blood flowing. Do a few pushups, some pullups, a few crunches, and 50 jumping jacks first thing in the AM, and you’ll find that your body works faster all day long. Plus, you’llĀ  have earned that hearty breakfast.

Spice Things Up

The more spices you add into your food, the tastier your meals will be and the more calories you’ll burn! Spices like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon offer a wide range of weight loss and health benefits, and hot sauces will do wonders for your metabolism. You may even end up eating less, as some studies suggest.

Eat Consciously

NEVER have dinner in front of the TV or computer, as that’s when you end up overeating or munching mindlessly. Instead, designate a room in your house to be the dining room, and make sure to sit and eat each meal. Be conscious of what you’re eating, and make it a habit to ONLY eat food that you know to be healthy. If you have to think, “It’s okay just this once”, it’s the wrong food!

Do Yoga

Yoga can reduce stress, boost your metabolism, help you to relax, and make you more mindful of your body–all excellent things if you’re on a diet. Doing Yoga and relaxing will help your body to store fewer calories in the form of new fat cells, and it will be much easier for you to diet and lose weight thanks to the time you spend doing Yoga every day!

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