Weight Loss For All Partners with the European Action on Drugs (EAD)

Weight Loss For All is partnering together with the European Action on Drugs (EAD), a branch of the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice, to raise awareness of alcohol and drug related problems. Each month we will produce an article based on research from universities, national journals, and EMCDDA discussing substance abuse, help, and information for our visitors. The articles will be localized and available in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.

To show our support of the EAD there will be a badge on our site. The badge will link to this page where we will list all articles in the languages through our partnership.

Our focus is discuss the emerging problems of weight loss and drug abuse in our community today. Unfortunately through all levels of society and from rural communities to metropolitan areas, people face immense hurdles to look good. And looking good may lead to substance abuses of alcohol, legal prescription drugs, steroids, laxatives, and illegal substances. We hope you take the time to read these articles and send us questions, should you have any.

Furthermore, Weight Loss For All will publish contact information so that you may receive more information about the campaign as well as reach the right people to help with your own or family substance abuse issues.

Visit our sister language pages for the EAD project:

Weight loss for all is proud to partner with the European Action on drugs on the use of drugs in weight loss.

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