Top 7 Weightloss Programs

As weight loss becomes more and more of an industry – the sheer amount of choice out there can become difficult to navigate. Some weight loss programs work better than others and some are downright unhealthy and irresponsible.

Thankfully, the following seven weight loss programs have been tested by many people and can bring you great results. There is a perfect fit for everyone.


1. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig was started in Australia in 1983 and quickly spread throughout the globe. Jenny Craig offers weight-loss management counseling, food delivery, love fitness centers and a huge amount of information people may need about weight loss.


This program is one of the most famous in the world because of its results. People on the program are given counseling and nutrition and eat pre-packaged meals until they can wean themselves off Jenny Craig meals and start their own healthy eating habits.


2. The 3-Hour Diet

If someone suggested to you that eating every 3 hours would help you lose weight, you might laugh – but Jorge Cruise, the inventor of this program found that it could be very useful.


This program is all about portion control and timing. This means you can keep your metabolism running high in order to work faster and burn off the food you are eating better.


3. The Lunch Box Diet

The Lunch Box Diet makes use of something all of us have encountered before – the humble lunch box. When Simon Lovell suggested that you put all of your food for the day into a well-sized lunch box, many people thought he was crazy. But it really works.


It’s a simple equation that when enforced can create great results. Of the items that you put into your lunchbox; 60% must be fruits and vegetables, 30% must be lean protein and 10% must be salad dressings, condiments etc.


4. The 5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet plan works by giving the body smaller meals throughout the day in order to keep the metabolism burning constantly. People on the program eat 5 meals per day, with 5 ingredients in each meal.


People on the program are also encouraged to exercise 5 times a week, in order to keep the metabolism burning at an even faster rate.


5. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers offers a huge range of diet programs, books, videos and an almost endless line of foods and supplements to help you lose weight. It works – millions of people all over the world have used Weight Watchers successfully.


Weight Watchers works on a points system. Every type of food is assigned points and you are allowed to consume a certain amount of points per day, based on your needs.


6. The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was originally designed in order to help people at risk of heart disease substitute ‘bad’ fats for ‘good’ fats but has since become a diet craze that has taken over the world. This diet succeeded because not only substituting fats, it also substituted carbohydrates too.


This diet is very simple and works well because nothing is cut out from the diet – everything is just substituted for something similar, but more healthy. This makes this diet a very effective way of losing weight.


7. Nutrisystem

The Nutrisystem program has been going since 1972 and has stood the test of time, where many other diet programs have fallen by the wayside. Nutrisystem works by delivering food to your door, which you eat. If you only eat the food they give you – you should lose weight.


It works quite simply – you send Nutrisystem your details and they work out what you will need to eat to lose weight. You then choose from the options what you would like to eat and they deliver it to your door.




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