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How often should I exercise and how can I tell if I'm doing too much?

How often we need to exercise depends on the individual and what they're trying to achieve - whether its losing weight, toning up, building muscle or fitness. For weight loss it would be enough exercise if you are experiencing steady, sensible progress, if this slows or stops you could look more on the diet side. Training 3 times per week should be enough and well within a healthy person's capability although if no exercise has been undertaken for a while it would be important to start lightly and consult physician or your GP beforehand. After a few months, if you have the times and feel up to it you may add another session at the gym each week to push for more weight loss progress! If you do add another session make sure to get a full 8 hours sleep each night to help you recover.

Some indications of doing too much exercise are a sudden appearance of some or all of the following signs:

  • A consistent loss of appetite - exercise should help regulate appetite not destroy it

  • Insomnia or disruptive sleep patterns - proper exercise should help us sleep more soundly

  • racing heart rate after sleep - we should feel relaxed after sleep not anxious

  • A regular and strong feeling of lethargy - a good indication only if combined with some of the above

If you experience any of the above symptoms remember it may not be a definite sign of overtraining there could be many other causes, these are only a guide so consult your physician as soon as possible if you are unsure.

A question borrowed from Tom Venuto's website. He is a leading expert on exercise - thanks Tom!

I'm pretty lean overall, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of this last little bit of fat on my lower abs. What are the best ab exercises to burn the fat off?

If I hear this question one more time, I'm gonna scream! Ok, let me clear this up once and for all: You can't "spot reduce" fat from one specific part of your body! You lose fat systemically. That means you can't control where it comes from. When fat is oxidized for energy, you will draw it from all areas of the body, and the first place you tend to put it on will be the last place it comes off.

Everyone has certain "stubborn" areas where the fat seems "hard to get rid of" but the fat WILL go, it will just be the last place to go.

The best way to burn fat off your abs is not to do more ab work, but to do more cardiovascular work: Bike, Stairmaster, treadmill, elliptical machine or rower - they're all great fat burners. Work at about 70-85% of your age-predicted maximal heart rate (220-your age) and maintain it for 30-45 minutes 5-6 days a week for optimal results.

Train your abs about twice a week, just as you would any other body part. Doing your abs every day will do almost nothing to remove the layer of fat covering the muscles. In fact, it’s possible to have a great set of abs that you can't even see because they are covered up with a layer of fat!

And don't forget, nutrition is half the battle when it comes to fat loss! If you're drinking beer and eating pizza on a regular basis, it doesn't matter what you do in the gym, you'll probably never get a great set of abs.

9 Responses to Weight Loss Q&A - We will try to answer weight loss questions!

  1. theresa says:

    I'm 39 female at 5'9" and 135. I exercise 4-6 days a week and do a combination of running(3-5 miles) each time and weight training. I've become very frustrated because I still want to lose at least 5 pounds and keep it off. My diet is very healthy with mostly fruits and veggies with lean protein. How do I drop those final pounds and keep it off? The more I excercise the more hungry I am and I'm trying not to eat more than 1200 calories.

  2. webguide says:

    If you drop more in weight you will be under weight, which is not a healthy condition. And eating 1200 KCAL/day is not wise.
    You are also concerned with weight, problem is that you probably don't have any fat, it is you muscles that "holds all your weight". So you wont lose weight by dieting.

  3. Johanna says:

    Hi, I'm a 23-year old 5'2 woman. My physical activity has always been low, but a combination of a good diet and good genes has meant that I've been in relatively good shape for a while; good shape for me meaning small waist and big hips/ass.
    Over the last year or so, the stress levels in my life dramatically increased and I faced severe depression. Though my diet didn't change much, there was definitely noticeable weight gain, specifically around my waist, something I'm not used to. But what sparked this email was a significant weight gain around my waist over the last couple of months; though I wasn't the 24" I was up to 2 years ago, I went from an acceptable 26" to a whopping 29". And what bothers me the most is that my hips/ass didn't grow along with my waist. In fact, oddly enough, I seem to have lost weight from there! I went from 40" to 39"!!
    So my question to you is this - is it possible to gain weight from one area while lose from another? Further yet, is it possible for someone's body type to change completely?? Am I going from hourglass to apple?!!?
    Concerned and upset in Maryland

  4. mz.black says:

    Hi out there i hope someone can answern this question.i use to weight 250 now iam 219 i walk on my treadmill everyday.speed is 3.0 incline is 3.1 so i burn 500 calories in an 1hour and 45 minutes.should i keep at burning calories or should i push my botton on my treadmill for weight lost.or just keep it on calories burn i also change my eaten habits i dont drink pop any more or eat at fast food places,my intake daily is 1000 0r 800 .a day i start this sept. 7 after the kids went bk to school.im i doing good or bad.thxs all replys.

  5. Sabrina Almeida says:

    Hi ,

    I have been working out for the last 2 weeks my daily regime includes brisk walking & a few other exercises. At the same time I also keep a tab on my food intake. I have noticed that I have shed around 6 kilos over the last 2 weeks but my body does not show any signs of weight loss. What could be the reason I am really confused. Please help

  6. mandy says:

    Hi, my bmi (20.8) and weight (53kg) are relatively normal-low for my age (41), I do an hour of cardio 6 times a week, and weights 2-3 times a week, and yet my fat % is high (27%). I have slightly low thyroid and take eltroxin for it. Why is it high? How can I change this?


  7. Zack says:

    Does it make my weight loss slow down or some thing?!?
    hi,in my work out program i always do 1000-1500 jump ropes in the ,morning and i work with my elliptical or treadmill in the evening,but recently because of the weather which is becoming really cold i cant work out outside any more so i want to change my program and put working with elliptical in the morning and jump rope in the evening!! does it make any difference in my weight loss speed?!tanx a lot

  8. emma says:

    i realy want to lose weight especialy on my legs, will jogging for 30mins 5 days a week and only eating on average of 2000 calories a day help me lose weight ?

  9. Elwyn says:

    I have a very efficient metabolism and very low BMR with completely normal thyroid values. A few bites of food is all it takes to satisfy my hunger, and then I won't get hungry again for hours. If I only ate when I was truly hungry, I wouldn't consume more than about 800 calories a day. I have a lot of mental and physical energy, use an elliptical an hour a day, and work between 8 and 12 hours a days as a scientist. The conventional wisdom is that women shouldn't go below 1200 calories, but sometimes getting up to that level is a real strain for me. Do I really have to force myself to eat when I am not hungry? I don't binge or purge, and the only "drugs" I take are vitamins, minerals, and fish oil. I'm around 5' 8".

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