Free Tips to Lose Fat Weight


Free weight loss Tips


  • Don’t weigh yourself too often use the tape measure and the fit of your clothes to monitor weight loss progress. Your weight fluctuates constantly and you can weigh more at night than you did in the morning, a downer if you stuck to your diet all day.


  • Eat a light carbohydrate snack 30 minutes before a meal it will fill you up quicker so you eat less.


  • Avoid consuming large quantities of fattening liquids, which are so easy to overdo.


  • Consume nuts only in small portions they are up to 50% fat and have a high calorie count


  • Leave something on your plate its a good sign that you can stop eating if you need to.


  • Make the kitchen off-limits at any time other than mealtime.


  • Always eat at the table, never in front of the TV set or with the radio on.


  • Concentrate on chewing every mouthful slowly, chew each mouthful up to 20 times.



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