Exercise with Weight Loss Videos

Because every person is unique and needs different kind of exercising and nutrition it is not possible to point out the best exercise video for everyone. Some people only need to lose a few pounds while others may need to lose a substantial amount. Also your personal body type, eating habits, activity and fitness levels plus of course the nutritional intake.

Instead of promoting one as the best weight loss video around we list a view videos below that we feel are worth looking at.

  • Bring Your Body in Shape With David Kirsch
    This video shows you, how to combine wellness and a good health. Learn from David Kirsch about his diet and fitness system.

    ‘Fitness that fits: A Realistic Way to Reshape Your Body

  • Train like Gwyneth Paltrow
    With Tracy Andersons Dance DVD you learn a choreography that is put together to burn calories and creat a lean body. Start with the beginner DVD today and lose pounds during enjoying choreographed dance training.

    Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio

  • Pilates (Basic Conditioning For Weight Loss)
    Pilates is a great training to tone your muscles and bring your body in shape. Boost with Karen Voight your heart rate, burn calories and tone your whole body.

    Karen Voight: Quick and Slim Cardio

Weight loss exercise videos can be a great tool, the main idea is they show you and guide you in what to do, plus they can give support and encouragement. Remember though they all spell out one message – losing weight is really about getting up and moving, to find some way of becoming more active. In reality a weight loss video is not a necessity, we can all find our own way to becoming more active we just need to use our imagination. Good Luck with your weight loss fitness goals!

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