Why Don’t I See Weight Loss Results?

First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up for not seeing results straight away. Of course maintaining a healthy diet and exercise are the keys to maintaining weight loss but so many people complain that they’re doing everything they can with their diet and exercise and they’re still not seeing results.

So why is this?

The following list names just a few of the other areas in our lives that can greatly affect and inhibit just how fast we lose weight:

  1. Your Attitude. It’s all about positivity, positivity, positivity. If you believe you can achieve your goal, then you’ll do it! Pick what you already like about yourself and repeat that every day before you go to the gym or when you wake up in the morning.
  2. Your Lifestyle. If you want a healthy life, you have to be willing to change your daily routine, your schedule and often times, what’s in your kitchen.
  3. Your Support System. Enlist people around you to help you stay on track. Why not find an exercise buddy? Any form of support will do.
  4. Your Mental Health. For many of us, food is comforting and often helps temporarily deal with emotional problems. Seeing a counselor and talking things through can help improve your mental well being.
  5. Your Goals. If you’ve set impossible goals, you are guaranteed to fail. If you set reasonable goals, it’s almost certain you’ll succeed. Your weekly goal might just be to squeeze in two cardio workouts, maximum, and that’s perfectly OK! Pick things you know you’ll achieve so you’re always successful.
  6. Your Flexibility. Any number of things can happen in a day that may throw you off schedule. The trick? Be flexible. Often people skip workouts because something comes up and they aren’t prepared to do such a minimal amount of exercise, thinking that it isn’t worth all the effort. Just remember: when it comes to exercise, something is always better than nothing.

Don’t forget that perfection is unattainable. The trick is to never give up, even when you fall down. Resolving to make positive changes to these aspects of your life, along with a healthy diet and exercise, will put you back on track to seeing results.

Source cited: Paige Waehner – 10 Reasons it’s Hard to Lose Weight

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