Get Rid of Indigestion & Heartburn

That feeling of burning and discomfort in our chest and throat can be really annoying after about, oh, 10 seconds! Sometimes it will only last for a few minutes, other times it will linger around for hours. The pain associated with acid indigestion, better known as heartburn, can not only be maddening but it can also be dangerous if you have recurring symptoms.

Now, for the remedies, we’ll briefly touch on a few different methods you can try. Some will have explanations accompanying the remedy; others will just be suggestions that tend to work for people by way of soothing the stomach.

Not every bout of indigestion is acid reflux, however. Dyspepsia has a few faces, and it luckily has a few quick fixes.

For this particular article, we've been dealing solely with the treatments and not the causes. Even still, it would be remiss not to mention that heartburn is sometimes easily preventable. If you avoid fatty and spicy foods, eat slowly and eat smaller meals, you should be able to avoid heartburn often enough.

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