Why Coffee is Amazing For Your Health

What is a morning without a steaming cup of coffee to start it out right? Life just doesn’t feel right if you haven’t had your morning cuppa Joe, and your day feels slow and ponderous until you get that first sip of Java.

But did you know that drinking coffee is actually GOOD for you in many ways? While there are downsides to drinking too much coffee (think about all the caffeine and its effects on your nervous system), you’ll find that coffee is amazing for your health for so many reasons!

Work Harder for Longer

If you want to get through that gym workout like a champion, have a cup of coffee 30 to 60 minutes before leaving the house. Not only will the caffeine help to reduce fatigue (by blocking the adenosine receptors in your brain that detect tiredness), but it will help you to push through your workout and train harder. Once your workout is done, you can reduce the risk of muscular soreness thanks to the caffeine, which improves blood flow to your muscles. Coffee is definitely one of the best workout supplements that you can take, so it’s definitely a good idea to have a cup (or any other form of caffeine) before you get in your daily workout.

Boosts Fat Loss

Did you know that coffee actually helps you to burn fat? When you drink a cup of coffee before working out, it activates your metabolism and encourages your body to burn fat instead of glucose. The caffeine in your coffee (black, no milk or sugar) does wonders to speed up your fat burning furnace, giving you a whole lot more energy thanks to the fatty acids it burns. A cup of coffee before working out will enhance your efforts and help you to burn more fat through your training. As a bonus, it will stop you from feeling hungry throughout and after the workout, preventing you from overeating and cheating on your diet!

Boost Post-Lunch Energy

We all hate the afternoon slump, which usually sets in between 2 and 4 PM. It’s after lunch, so your body is heavy and digesting, meaning it’s working more slowly. Your morning cup of coffee has worn off, and you’re un-motivated to push yourself hard and work through those last few hours of the day. But that’s where your 3 PM cup of coffee comes in! Not only will having a cup of coffee at this time give you a boost of energy, but it will enhance your brain function and help you to think more clearly. It will help you to be more alert in the final hours of the day and give you that shot of energy you need to make it until closing time.

Improve Your Brain Health

Did you know that caffeine can stop your brain from decaying and degenerating as you grow older? If you want to stay young in mind as well as in body, you need to add a bit more caffeine to your life. One study discovered that drinking coffee helped to reduce the presence of amyloid beta proteins. These proteins are directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease, so eliminating them from your brain helps to keep the “thinking box” working properly. Those who drink up to 500 milligrams of caffeine per day are far more protected against Alzheimer’s disease than those who skip their cup of coffee every day. Definitely another great reason to treat yourself to your daily Java!

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