Why Lemon Water Makes a Brilliant Addition to Breakfast

Starting the morning out with a bit of coffee or tea may be your thing, but could it be time for a change? Caffeine isn’t going to be the healthiest option, but you may find that there are other healthier morning drinks that will be a good way to start the day. One of the best: lemon water.

Why should you add a bit of lemon to your water as a beautiful morning drink?

Gives You Immunity Boost

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will do wonders for your immune system. You’ll find that a bit of lemon in your water will help to increase the amount of iron that your body can absorb, meaning your body will be better able to produce red and white blood cells. Finally, lemons contain a lot of potassium, which helps to control your blood pressure and stimulates your brain and nerves to work properly.

Promotes Weight Loss

Lemons are rich in pectin, a fiber that is also found in apples and which is excellent for suppressing your appetite. You’ll find that pectin will stop you from being hungry, which will help make your weight loss diet just a bit easier. Lemons also keep your pH balance trending towards alkaline, which has been proven to help speed up weight loss. You’ll find that starting the day with the healthy drink will help you make healthier choices all day long!

Balances Your pH

Keeping your body’s pH balanced may not seem important to you, but studies have shown that too much acidity in the body can lead to health problems – not the least of which is cancer. While you may think that lemons are very acidic, the truth is that they promote an alkaline balance in your body. You’ll find that getting your body balanced more towards alkaline can prevent a lot of health problems.

Keeps Your GI Tract Working

Did you know that the chemical structure of lemon juice is almost the same as the acid that digests your food? Eating lemons helps to promote the production of stomach acid, which will ensure that your food is digested properly. Mixing lemon with warm water will help to stimulate your GI tract, and will ensure that the intestinal muscles contract smoothly to keep the food flowing. Lemons are also loaded in minerals and vitamins that will get rid of the toxins in your digestive system.

Clears Your Skin

Vitamin C acts as a toxin killer, effectively eliminating a lot of the chemicals that would cause damage to your skin. The lemon water will flush the toxins from your system, and will prevent them from causing free radical damage. Vitamin C is also a vitamin that plays a central role in the production of collagen – the protein that keeps your skin fresh and young. Without Vitamin C, new collagen cannot be produced.

Flushes Your Body

Coffee and tea both make you feel like you need to pee, but lemon water is a much gentler diuretic. It will help to flush urine and wastes from your body, but not with the same uncontrollable urgency that you get when drinking caffeine. You’ll find that lemon water will help to eliminate all of the toxins stored in your body’s waste, leaving you cleaner than ever!

Keeps the Lymph System Working

The lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and storing the toxins that your liver cannot process. Without sufficient liquid, the lymph system becomes dehydrated – meaning it will stop working properly. You’ll find that drinking lemon water is the best way to keep that lymph system running smoothly, ensuring a healthy production of hormones!

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