Why You Need Whey Protein in Your Diet

Whey protein is one of the most common ingredients used in protein powders, but did you know that it’s also one of the best? While casein protein, soy protein, and egg protein all have their uses, it’s whey protein that really packs a punch! Don’t believe me? Here are a few reasons you need more whey protein in your diet:

Boost Strength and Size

A study conducted at Texas’ Baylor University discovered that eating whey protein was the key to making serious gains in strength and muscle mass. 19 men participated in the study, which lasted for the duration of 10 weeks. Some of the men took 14 grams of whey and casein protein with 6 grams of amino acids, while the rest only took a 20-gram placebo. The men who were given the whey protein showed greater results in terms of muscle mass and muscular strength. The best way to ensure you see the best results: consume whey just one hour before exercising!

Conserve Muscle and Lose Weight

Worried that your efforts to lose weight are causing you to lose muscle mass? Thanks to whey protein, you won’t have to worry about it ever again! A study conducted in Minnesota reduced participants’ calories by 500 per day, then gave a few of them whey protein and the rest an isocaloric drink. The ones who drank the whey protein lost 6.1% more body fat than the others, and their muscles were better preserved through the weight loss. If your goal is to shed pounds of fat without dropping muscle weight, it’s definitely a good idea to consume whey protein!

Fight Hunger

A study in Australia discovered that eating whey protein is one of the best ways to fight off those hunger pangs. The study involved 28 obese men, each of whom were given four different drinks. Those who consumed the whey protein drinks had much lower levels of ghrelin, the hormone that tells your body you are hungry. The effects lasted for up to four hours after drinking, meaning whey protein is the way to go if you want to fight hunger!

Manage Stress

Stress can stop you from making gains in terms of both muscle growth and weight loss, and it can cause you to drop out of your workouts altogether. But thankfully, you’ve got whey protein to counteract the effects of stress. In a study conducted in the Netherlands, 58 subjects were exposed to stressors in order to test the limits of their body’s endurance. Those who consumed whey protein not only had fewer symptoms of stress-related depression, but their mood was much better than those who did not consume whey protein. Researchers believe it is due to the whey protein’s ability to boost serotonin levels in your brain, helping you to feel better as well as cope with stress!

Fight Cancer

Whey protein can help you fight cancer? Can it be true? According to a number of studies, whey protein has proven mildly effective in the fight against prostate and colon cancer. Of course, it’s not the ultimate cure for cancer, but it can help you to control the problem more effectively.

Boost Immunity

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada discovered that supplemented with whey protein helps to counteract the low levels of glutathione and other immune-boosting proteins caused by exercise. For those who do extended periods of cardio and don’t want to dampen their immune system, it’s always a good idea to consume whey as much as possible! You can keep your body strong in the fight against viruses and bacteria thanks to whey.

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