Why You Should Hold in Your Pee

Have you ever had to use the bathroom while out and about? You feel the urge to stop while running errands, doing the weekly shopping, or finishing up that last bit of work. The bathroom calls to you urgently, and it takes every shred of control to hold it in until you reach a restroom. Well, did you know that holding it in can actually be good for you? Here are a few reasons why you should hold in your pee:

Boosts Willpower

When you are walking down the candy aisle at the grocery store, what is stopping you from picking up a few treats? There is a small part of your brain that is responsible for impulse control, and that’s the part that stops you from doing things you know you shouldn’t. When you hold back the urge to pee, you activate that part of your brain. While it’s working to stop you from releasing the muscles holding your bladder closed, it will also stop you from yielding to the impulse to make poor food or drink choices. You will have much stronger willpower while you need to pee, thanks to the fact that you are holding it back instead of releasing it.

Increases Focus

A study in the Netherlands found that needing to pee can help you to score higher on mental tests! It has very little to do with the actual pee itself, but it’s the way your brain focuses on controlling your bladder. You are very aware of your body and your need to urinate, but your brain is actively stopping you from releasing it. This gives you a sort of laser focus on what’s going on around you, and especially any tasks you are currently performing. Have you ever noticed how quickly you finish that last job or send that last email before you run off to the restroom? It’s all thanks to your brain!

Enhances Accuracy

Did you know that your instinctive reaction is often the right one? Your brain is often correct, but it’s only once you allow your conscious mind to analyze the unconscious instinct that you begin to doubt yourself. When answering difficult questions, it’s often best to let the instinctive part of your mind do the work. This is why needing to pee can help you to be more accurate. You will be focused on your need to use the bathroom, so you won’t go about second-guessing your decisions. You’ll get through the test without allowing yourself to over-analyze things, just so you can finish more quickly. The results may be better than you’d expect!

The Downsides of Needing to Pee

Of course, if you feel the need to pee, it can be distracting from everything that you’re doing. You may have a hard time concentrating if you need to pee bad enough, and you may be more twitchy and nervous than is good for your brain. There is such a thing as “needing to pee too much” to obtain the benefits mentioned above!

The Dangers of Needing to Pee

If you have a full bladder for too long, there is a very real risk that you will damage your bladder. At the very least, you will increase your risk of urinary tract infections. There is a risk of long-term scarring on the wall of your bladder if you hold your pee in too long. The benefits are only obtained when you feel the need to pee, but not to the extent of being about to burst.

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