10 Fitness Apps for Your iPhone

As more of us get smartphones, it gets easier and easier to find great apps that can make weight loss a fun and easy experience. No longer do you have to battle it out alone when there is an app, helping you all the way.

1. iMapMyRide

This app turns your iPhone into a partner to cycle with. It tracks your speed, route and distance travelled. This app also has a GPS locator that can help you connect with your riding friends as well. You can follow their courses and watch their progress as they ride. At the same time there is a feature that offers status updates for all your friends’ workouts. This helps the entire group to keep their motivation up.
–> Check out iMapMyRide

2. Couch to 5k

Sometimes the hardest thing about getting into shape is getting started. This is where this app comes in. It helps you to become a runner in just seven weeks with graded workout plans. This app helps you by including interval training, warm-ups and cool-downs and can also incorporate the Nike running system and your own playlist into the app.
–> Check out Couch to 5k

3. Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation

If you saw Jillian kicking butt on The Biggest Loser and would like some of that butt kicking for your own purposes – this is the app for you. This app comes with a sensor that can track how many calories you are burning up, a pedometer that helps you measure distance travelled and a GPS component so you can map your training routes.
–> Check out Jillian’s App

4. Virtual Trainer

With this app you can lose weight, put on muscle and get the perfect form. It features a database of more than 300 exercises, with fool-proof instructions (including videos). You can also use this app to train specific problems areas (like your abs or your butt). This app tracks your progress and offers you the information as a motivation to keep going.
–> Check out Virtual Trainer

5. FitnessBuilder

This app brings together PumpOnes’s iPump fitness series, which includes weight training exercises and even stretches for office workers. This offers more than 700 workout plans and 5 600 videos to help you do everything the right way. This is incredibly comprehensive and even has a digital cheerleader to help you when you’re feeling demotivated. This will email you after your session and recaps your progress.
–> Check out FitnessBuilder

6. Thin-Cam

Instead of writing out a food journal every day (it was found that people tended to underestimate how much they eat), you use your iPhone as a visual way to keep a food diary. Your photos are stored online so you can keep track of them. For an extra fee you can have nutritionists look at your food and give advice.
–> Check out Thin-Cam

7. Weight Watchers Mobile

If you’re on the Weight Watchers program, it can be difficult to keep track of your points. This app does all the hard work for you – you put in your meal and the app tells you how many points its worth. There is also an activity tracker that helps you organise your exercise points.
–> Check out Weight Watchers Mobile

8. Lose It!

This is a simple app that starts with you putting in all of your personal details (including height, weight, gender etc). From there, you put in how much you would like to lose per week and this does all the work and gives you a calorie budget to reach your goals. You can decide to reach this budget however you like – by eating less or by exercising more. It is up to you.
–> Check on Lose It!

9. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

This app comes with a barcode scanner that can read the label of the food you have eaten and then records the calories. This helps you to stay within your daily limit. This app comes with a huge nutritional database, which can help you keep track of just how many calories you are consuming. This also comes with a food diary and an exercise log to help you along the way.
–> Check out Calorie Counter

10. Restaurant Nutrition

This app makes eating out healthier. It has the full menus of more than 115 restaurants across the United States and lets you see the full nutritional value of every meal before you order it. This can help you make better decisions when eating out – very clever.
–> Check out Restaurant Nutrition

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