10 Things to Burn More Calories Today

Who doesn’t want to burn more calories? It’s the only way to lose more weight, and you’ll find that increasing your calorie burn is the way to shed those last few pounds of fat. Here are 10 simple things you can do to burn more calories today:

1.     Eat BEFORE Working Out

No, that doesn’t mean that you need to stuff your face and have a huge meal, but it does mean that you need to eat something. Food is the fuel your body will burn when you work out, and having more fuel available means you can go harder and for longer. Eat a decent sized breakfast 90 minutes before your workout, and you’ll feel the difference!

2.     Use Dynamic Stretches

Static stretches are much easier to do, but dynamic stretches involve movement. You’ll find that you not only burn a few more calories as you warm up, but you also have more energy when you actually start lifting weights.

3.     Work Out With Others

Want to really go the distance with EVERY workout? Have a friend there to work out with you! You’ll find that you’re much more motivated when there’s someone to join you on the workout journey, and you’ll push yourself harder when you compete against them.

4.     Switch It Up

The biggest threat to your workout success is boredom. If you get bored of your routine, you’ll end up flaking on the workout. Change  things up regularly (your body takes 6 weeks to get accustomed to a workout routine), and you’ll find that it will be so much easier to stay faithful to your routines if they are varied every month or two.

5.     Do Cardio AFTER Lifting Weights

Why will this burn more calories? When you lift weights, it uses up the energy stored in your muscles. Your body has to work hard to replace that energy, and thus it is already working when you add the cardio into your workout. You’ll get your heart rate up with far less effort. Plus, you’ll actually burn fat when you do cardio, as all of the glucose has been burned in your weight training session.

6.     Snack After Working Out

You don’t want to pound down the food like you’re a starving caveman, but eating a few hundred calories at least is the best way to ensure that your body can replace the nutrients it has burned during your workout. Truth be told, it’s recommended that you have your largest meal IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING your workout.

7.     Go Outside

You’re more inspired to move and work out when you’re outdoors, and running outside burns more calories than running on a treadmill.

8.     Go Heavy

Lifting light weights is only good if you’re trying to target fat, but those trying to burn more calories should start lifting heavy weights. The heavier weights push your metabolism harder, leading to better calorie burning.

9.     Try HIIT

The high intensity intervals mixed in with low intensity exercise will push your heart and lungs hard, and you’ll find that it’s excellent for burning calories. Use the 1:4 ratio (1 minute HIIT, 4 minutes steady-state), and you’ll get a great workout every time!

10. Work Out Your Lower Body

Don’t only focus on your glamour muscles–chest, shoulders, and arms– but hit your lower body as well. You burn more calories when you work out your legs than any other muscle group, so you’ll find that leg day is the best day to get rid of all that excess food you ate the day before. If you want to increase calorie-burning, you’ll make sure to hit your legs as well as your upper half.


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