12 Craziest Diets of All Time

These diets are some of the craziest and the stupidest we’ve seen here at WLFA. We just want to let you know about them and we strongly do not advocate doing any of these diets. Most are unsafe and extremely stupid. And remember, be smart when you start a diet, talk to your doc to sort out all the details.

The Last Chance Diet

In the 1970s Dr Roger Linn, an osteopath, took the minimal eating fad and took it one step further – by proposing that people eat nothing at all, and instead have only one ‘liquid protein’ smoothing made out of uncured cowhide, tendons, claws, hooves and other abattoir off cuts. Thousands of pounds were lost, but nearly 100 people died.

The Lip Gloss Diet

Ten years ago a new craze swept through readers of Seventeen magazine – you put this lip gloss on, and you don’t wanna eat!  It was used by Kate Moss, and she was followed by millions, but is there anything to it?


Espoused by mystics, wackos, weirdos and not just your garden-variety nutters, this diet literally claims that you can subsist on fresh air, sunlight and herbal tea for months, drawing all nutrition from the Hindu Life Force called Prana. Unsurprisingly, there have been a number of deaths related to this diet.

The HCG Diet

HCG is a hormone produced by a woman’s body just after becoming pregnant, but a British doctor claims that this hormone can cause the body to actively remove and use up fat reserves. Other doctors say that it does no such thing, and will probably turn your breasts and balls into cancer…

The Cotton Ball Diet

Yep, it’s a diet that has you eating cotton balls!  But don’t worry – you get to dip them in gelatin so they go down easy.  Prevents you from wanting to eat because you feel full, and prevents you from being able to perform any other bodily function because your bowel fills up with cotton balls.

The Egg Diet

Turning down the crazy a little, we have the egg diet.  It’s pretty simple – get most of your protein from eggs, with a healthy dose of steamed or raw vegetables.  Not suitable for those with high cholesterol, or anyone who shares a bed with another human being.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The idea is simple – knock yourself out for days on end, and when you wake up you’ve dropped a dress size!  It’s great, unless you want to preserve your job, any semblance of a social or family life and your kidney function.

The Monkey Chow Diet

Was it a publicity stunt?  A joke? Only Adam Scott, the author of the Last Angry Young Man blog and moderately-successful comedian knows.  For a week he ate only Monkey Chow, a formulated pellet designed to be a complete nutritional supplement for use by monkeys and great apes.  He kept a diary, and it wasn’t pretty.

If you’re a religious person, you might be attracted to this diet.  All you do is eat what God intended, and no more and no less.  You cut out everything preserved or artificial, but you also cut out any scientific advances in nutrition that were made in the last millennium.

The Soap Diet

Soaps that supposedly help to reduce fat, help you lose weight, or reduce the appearance of cellulite or orange-peel skin have been around for nearly 100 years. They’re too good to be true, but you’d be amazed at who has been suckered in over the years.

The Chew, Don’t Swallow Diet

Harold Fletcher introduced a revolutionary new concept in dieting towards the end of the 19th century.  You chew your food, but you don’t swallow, thereby ingesting all of the nutrients but none of the bulk of the food.  Does it work? No.  Do people still follow it? Of course they do.

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