20 Reasons to Drink More Water

With our planet, our bodies and even the food we eat consisting of mostly water, it’s really no mystery that water is truly the most important building block of life in the universe – or at least our understanding of it to date.

Most of earth’s other animal species thrive by drinking only water. It’s only humans who have decided that flavor, a pure luxury, was somehow more important than proper nutrition. Our love for sugary sodas, fruit-flavored concoctions and beer and wine leave a lot of us unhealthy and definitely not drinking as much water as we should.

A lot of people assume that they’re still drinking enough water, since even a Pepsi is mostly water. Well, that’s true. A soft drink is mostly water. But the sugar and caffeine and sodium and other artificial ingredients work to negate the positives effects the water should have on your system.

But enough about the soda-pops – let’s talk about why you should be drinking more water.

Health benefits of drinking water and the reasons you should be drinking more

1: Water is Life

The evidence is in front of your face every day, from animals surviving to the food you eat to the way plants grow. Water makes it all happen. Not alone, of course, but this planet would be a barren, inhospitable place without water. Drinking plenty of it is what nature intended.

2: Water is Energy

Throughout the body’s internal processes, water is our primary source of energy.  Water aids in the body’s ability to absorb and properly use other nutrients which provide the energy, so, basically, water is actually the energy, because without it we wouldn’t have it.

3: Water Boosts the Immune System

By drinking plenty of water, your immune system becomes much more efficient, and your body can better defend itself against those illness-causing free radicals.

4: Water is a Conductor

Water is what generates the necessary electrical and magnetic energy inside of your body’s cells. Without it, well… we’ve been down this road already. Suffice it to say we all know the brutal effects of dehydration.

5: Water is a Transporter

The human body is full of various substances. We cannot get into them all here. You need a volume of health books for that. But when it comes to transporting everything around, that job falls solely on water’s shoulders, and water does a great job of it.

6: Water is an Increaser

Your red blood cells collect oxygen in the lungs and perform other tasks. Water helps to increase the number of red blood cells in your body and thus helps to improve lung function/oxygen intake.

7: Water is a Solvent

Water acts as the body’s main solvent, breaking down foods to release the essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients trapped within.

8: Water is a Cleanser

Water helps cleanse the body of different toxins, working through the liver and kidney as harsh, harmful toxins are taken care of.

9: Water is a Shock Absorber

The spinal discs work as shock-absorbing cushions thanks to water, keeping most people free of pain and keeping the spinal cord functioning properly.

10: Water is a Lubricant

Joint pain and arthritis plagues millions of people in old age. Without water there to create a barrier in the joints, however, everyone would suffer from pain and discomfort.

11: Water as X-Lax

Fiber helps people to stay regular and to ease bowel movements, but it’s actually water that acts as the best lubricant in the body and helps to relieve constipation.

12: Water as Brain Food

Water is able to provide power and electrical energy for proper brain function.

13: Water as a Risk Reducer

Drinking plenty of water can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes in people.

14: Water as Focus Tool

Staying properly hydrated with water is said to help increase the attention span in people (If you’re read this far, you may be getting enough water!).

15: Water as a Sleep Aid

For individuals having trouble finding a regular sleep pattern, water can help you in receiving proper sleep and developing a timely sleep schedule.

16: Water as a Reliever

Making sure to drink plenty of water can help you with a range of issues like anxiety, stress and depression.

17: Water is a Dependency Breaker

Believe it or not, staying properly hydrated can even help individuals fight their addiction to drugs, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

18: Water is an Awakener

Millions of people suffer from daily fatigue, even if they’re getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet. Water can help to fight against fatigue.

19: Water for the Long Haul

Studies now are showing that individuals who maintain proper hydration by drinking ample water are less likely to contract debilitating diseases like Lou Gehrig’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

20: Water for Pregnancy

Not only is it a good idea to stay amply hydrated with a baby on board, but drinking lots of water has also shown to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women.

Overall, this list could go on for 200 reasons, from raising the thermogenic process to assist in weight-loss to simply providing a low-calorie solution for hydration. The benefits of water are vast.

Water has 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat, tastes great, is really cheap, and it’s the stuff we’re all made of. There is no better drink in the world than water, and all people would do well to drink more of it.

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