4 Whole Grains You Need More Of

Whole grains truly are some of the most amazing foods on the planet. Not only are they loaded with fiber and the carbs your body uses for energy, but they contain a whole lot of minerals and vitamins that are hard to get elsewhere. If you want to be healthy, it’s DEFINITELY in your best interest to add more whole grains to your diet.

But which are the best of the whole grains? Below are 4 that you should start eating today…


Barley is a whole grain that has been around for millennia. It is one of the most readily available whole grains in the Middle East, and you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to get your hands on barley in the West as well.

Barley has a glycemic index of just 28, meaning it won’t have a marked effect on your blood sugar levels. The fiber in barley makes it digest much more slowly than most refined grains, so it’s a good idea to eat if you want to stay full for longer. The fiber also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure, and speed up weight loss. It’s one of the most mineral-rich whole grains, so it’s a whole grain you need to start eating today.


If you want a whole grain that just won’t quit, you need quinoa. It’s definitely one of the more expensive whole grains, but can you really put a price tag on good health? By eating more quinoa, you’ll drastically improve your life.

Quinoa is more than just a whole grain, though it contains as much fiber as most of the other whole grains on this list. What makes it so awesome is the fact that it contains protein as well. By eating quinoa, you can increase your protein intake, making more amino acids available to your body for muscle-building. Quinoa is also loaded with B vitamins and important minerals, making it by far one of the healthiest foods on the planet.


Farro may look a lot like oats, but the similarity ends at appearance. The whole grain actually originates in Egypt, where the Pharaohs ate the highly nutritious grain. It eventually arrived in Ancient Rome, where it was consumed as an alternative to pasta.

Farro contains A LOT of fiber, meaning it will digest slowly. The grain will not cause blood sugar rises like other refined grains, so you can eat it even if you’re worried about blood sugar problems. It’s also rich in protein, which helps to increase the muscle-building amino acids in your meals. It gives you magnesium to support muscle, bone, and nerve function, as well as the Vitamin B3 that your body needs to break down nutrients. All in all, it’s an AMAZING whole grain that tastes delicious.


If you want the only gluten-free grain on the planet, then you want amaranth. Well, technically it’s a seed rather than a grain, but who’s splitting hairs? Amaranth is one of the healthiest whole grains to add to your diet.

Pound for pound, amaranth contains more protein than most meats. It also contains lysine, a vital amino acids that few other whole grains contain. Only amaranth and quinoa are truly complete proteins, so only these two can be eaten to give your body more of the protein it needs for muscle building. It’s also VERY low in calories, but it’s loaded with minerals. You definitely want to add more amaranth to your diet in order to live a healthy, whole grain-rich life!

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